5 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners In India 2022

Are you looking to get the best acoustic guitars for beginners in India?

It becomes pretty difficult for you to choose the best musical instrument by looking at and comparing the different instruments. So here, we have come up with a detailed guide about the best acoustic guitars for beginners as it will help you choose the best one.

The guitar is itself a great instrument to master, and if you are looking for the best acoustic guitar version, you must ensure that you have harmony between classical and folk music. Consequently, excellent electric guitars are also available, so if your first preference is to get the metric type of music, you can go with the electric guitar

An acoustic guitar is a unique musical instrument in the guitar family, and it assists in projecting the sound of the vibrating strings acoustically through the air. Acoustic guitars usually amplify sound with the guitar body, whereas electric guitars are only for amplification systems.

5 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

What Is Unique About The Acoustic Guitar?

Undoubtedly, acoustic guitars are the best in the guitar family. However, an acoustic guitar usually has a hollow wooden body with six fretted strings. Therefore, multiple variations are associated with the traditional acoustic guitar. Additionally, the six strings of the acoustic guitar are tuned to EADGBE sound through its body. Thus, it produces a warm and pleasant whole sound.

Most acoustic guitars have six strings. One of the most common variations on this is a 12-string guitar where each of the strings is double with another and thus produces a sound in the identical pleasant pitch and creates a rich sound effect.

Acoustic guitars player usually produces sound with both their fingers and pick. However, this also varies depending upon the genre of music and the type of guitar used by a player. In addition, an acoustic guitar has a wooden body that assists in producing excellent quality sound. The six-string is tuned to EADGBE resonate when strummed or plucked to create a pleasantly warm sound. 

In addition, an acoustic guitar, like a classical guitar, allows you to play anything with a balanced sound. That’s why it is famous for beginners and intermediates who use fingerpicking heavily. Therefore, this guitar is one of the most versatile sounding instruments with a wide variety of sounds, and it is usually used in almost every famous song.

Acoustic Guitar

Is Acoustic Guitar Good For Beginners?

Acoustic guitars are the best for beginners as they are one of the most balanced guitars in terms of playability and sound. They usually required less time to grab all the basic concepts of playing an instrument. The acoustic guitar is considered the best for practicing the basics, including scales, chord progressions, chords, and riffs.

What Budget To Expect To Get The Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners In India?

The price range for acoustic guitar is Rs 5,000 and can even go up to Rs. 30,000. However, the cost can also increase depending on your budget. Consequently, if you are looking to get high-quality guitars, it is recommended to buy the guitar locally as most are not available online.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a Specific purpose of learning to play the guitar at the best level, you should buy the high-cost guitar as it will give you a more precise way of understanding it.

List Of 5 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners In India

1. Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural 

Yamaha is one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners and intermediate players. In addition, this guitar comes with string spacing for fingerstyle players. 

In addition, Yamaha is a big brand that manufactures the best product, and it possesses a super quality with an appropriate price range. This model is quite similar to the previous F310 guitar.

F280 model can produce ample low-end with the full-size dreadnought and volume projection to fill the entire room. The wood used in the construction of this instrument is locally sourced except for the top of the instrument, which is laminated with spruce.

Special Features

  • It is a full-sized guitar- 40.5 inches in size.
  • Rosewood fingerboard with a gloss top.
  • 2.8 Kg weight.
  • Produces a good tone sound quality.
  • It comes with a good string spacing.
  • Best choice for fingerstyle players.

2. Kadence Frontier guitar with Online Guitar learning course (Wine Red, Acoustic) 

Kadence Frontier acoustic guitar is another best brand of guitars in India. It is built with an excellent quality sound with high durability and is easy to use for businesses and professionals. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-carry case, making it easier for players to carry it in concerts. 

This guitar has a rosewood fretboard, making it more durable as it carries excellent sound capabilities. So, if you want to get a superior quality acoustic guitar, Kadence is what you should go with.

Special Features

  • Strong vibration conductivity.
  • High Gloss finish.
  • Stable and rich tone.
  • Rosewood body material and spruce wood neck material.
  • Weight- 3 kg 800 g.

3. Yamaha F310-TBS Right Handed Acoustic Guitar (Tobacco Sunburst, 6-Strings) 

Yamaha F310 TBS guitar is the best six-string acoustic guitar. Yamaha has built lots of quality products. This classical acoustic guitar has a dreadnought body with more playability and comfortable holding. The playability of this acoustic guitar is sufficient as it provides a complete set up by a professional luthier.

Most of the guitar body is made up of locally sourced tonewood except for the top, which is laminate spruce. The bridge and fretboard are made up of rosewood, ensuring greater sustainability.

This guitar has a fantastic resonance body and a great bass. The tone clarity of this acoustic guitar is quite impressive as the guitar has a natural gloss finishing. The perfect acoustic tone of the guitar gives the proper tuning for a professional concert-like sound. This guitar can be ready to play with several acoustic genres of music. In addition, it comes in a great price range, making it the best out of the others.

Special features

  • It has a dreadnought style that offers an acoustic feeling.
  • Weight is about 2.44 kg, with 41’’ inches size.
  • It comes with six steel string.
  • Bolder and richer tones.
  • Strong bass with excellent quality sound.
  • Made from top-wooden quality.

4. Fender CD 60 Dread V3 DS 6 String Acoustic Guitar – Walnut Fretboard-Black 

Fender is well known for providing its signature sound in all its guitars. The fender CD 60 is the best model guitar at more affordable prices. Overall, it has an outstanding balance of tones, making its sound quality crisp and pleasant.

Its more excellent signature quality has a broader fretboard than the Yamaha F310, making it best for beginners and professionals.

Special Features

  • It comes with a mahogany neck binding.
  • Have miscellaneous strings.
  • Dual-action truss road.
  • Laminated mahogany body sides.
  • Dreadnought body style spruce top.
  • Basswood material type.
  • Walnut body material.

5. Cort AD810-OP Acoustic Guitar, Brown 

Cort has found a vast demand for a beginner Indian guitarist. There are a lot of low-end models that are available at a very reasonable price. However, the AD810-OP is an excellent guitar for beginners. It has a laminated spruce top with a tight bass which is possible to hold everything appropriately in the right place.

It is also responsible for producing sweet bell-like tones. The guitar has a fretboard and rosewood bridge. The projection of this guitar is as loud as expected. It is the best standard dreadnought-size guitar, which improves sustain and tone.

Special Feature

  • Rosewood bridge.
  • Laminated spruce top.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Mahogany neck.
  • Die-cast tuners.

Things To Look for Before Getting The Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners In India


As a beginner, if you want to learn to play the guitar, you have to decide whether you simply want to play it or learn to play it from a beginner’s level. Once you choose this, you should set your budget accordingly. 

In a beginner-level buying, the cheapest option might look wiser. However, it has its downsides, as if you bought a cheap price guitar, you may have to compromise on certain essential things such as its tone and playability. So, it is always recommended to go with a high-priced guitar as you will get massive exposure to learning.


The acoustic guitars come in multiple shapes: folk, cutaway, parlor, dreadnought, etc. If you are a beginner-level player, then the best guitar would be the one that has a smaller body size. Consequently, a cut-away at the bottom of the guitar makes it easier to play up the fretboard. 


Acoustic guitars are categorized into two categories depending on the string used: classical guitars and steel-stringed guitars. Classical guitars have nylon strings, and they are generally easier on the fingers. As a result, the tone produced by a classical guitar is less bright but more mellow.

The fretboard of a guitar is more expansive, but it may take a while to get used to it. However, fingerstyle picking techniques are standard on classical guitar.

On the other hand, Steel-stringed acoustic guitars are among the most common, and their top four strings have windings of metallic alloys such as Phosphorus bronze or Bronze. As a result, steel-stringed acoustic guitars produce a tone with more sustain.


Each guitar has its different signature sound as it is built differently. As a guitar player just starting, you might wonder how to judge a good guitar tone.

Every guitar has its sound, which makes them different from each other even with the acoustic guitars, the sound is quite different as it is built differently. However, as a beginner-level guitar player, you must be wondering how you can find a good guitar tone. 

Along with it, several other factors also affect the guitar’s tone. The most important thing that needs to be considered is neck-wood, tone-wood, and fretboard. Another thing that affects the style of the guitar is its build. For a beginner-level player, you must choose a guitar with an excellent even tone, not a very heavy low end that overlaps other frequencies of the guitar. The style must be equally bright with a pleasant sound.


Playability is a crucial part of any musical instrument as it produces a musical note. Additionally, a guitar action is a distance between the strings and the wooden board, called the fretboard. So, the higher the guitar action, the greater the distance between the strings and the fretboard.

The wood that is used for the fretboard decides its playability. Rosewood, ebony, and maple are the most commonly used fretboard wood.


Usually, laminated wood is cheaper and more durable, while solid timber produces a richer tone that generally improves the durability of the guitar. So the type of tonewood used shows a quite prominent effect on the type or tone that the guitar produces. The cheaper options for tone-wood are Sitka spruce and mahogany, and a Sitka has a brighter sound as compared to mahogany.

For a beginner-level guitar player, laminate wood will be the wiser choice as it has more durability and is resistant to change as per the weather, temperature, and humidity. On the contrary, solid-body guitars are pretty challenging to maintain for beginners.


Here electronic doesn’t mean that it is associated with electric guitars only. Instead, many guitar brands offer certain kinds of electronic systems that combine electronic pickups for microphones. 


Which Is the Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners In India?

These 3 are the best acoustic guitar for beginners in India:

1. Yamaha F310, 6-strings Acoustic Guitar.
2. Fender FA-125 CE Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar.
3. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitars.

Which Brand Is Best For Acoustic Guitar In India?

When it comes to finding the best acoustic guitars in India, then there are several options that you can go with, like the best brands starting from Yamaha, Kadence, Fender, and Cort. 

You can read more about the best guitar brands in detail here – 12 Best Guitar Brands In India (With Price Range)

Final Words

There are thousands of guitars available in the market, but when you buy the guitar, you need to make sure that you received a good product condition or request a replacement. 

Above, we have mentioned the best acoustic guitar for beginners in India. I hope the article helped you find the best guitar that fits well to your requirements. In addition, before you make a final purchase, you should thoroughly research the best brand, the type, and the size as per your comfort.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you and you will end up finding the best acoustic guitar for yourself.

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