7 Best Clapbox Cajon India (2022)

Are you looking for the best Clapbox Cajon in India? If yes, this article will surely help you find the best Clapbox Cajon.

Cajon is a trendy instrument among percussionists and other musical artists. It is a great instrument that brings positiveness to music. Being one of the trendy musical instruments, it delights music and the surrounding where it is being played. Whether it’s about musical education or corporate seminars, people love to listen to Cajon. 

The Cajon comes from a rich and cryptic history. In Spanish, it means a box or a draw. In the 18th century, African laborers formed the first Cajon in Peru. Usually, these laborers produced Cajon with them, the luscious drum, and collision tradition.

Furthermore, this instrument is very convenient and portable. It doesn’t get much space and is easy to learn to play. This instrument is very comfortable to play as you can comfortably be seated on it and play it. 

While playing this instrument, you can determine the upper edge, a primary layer, and the Middle, called bass stones. Thus, you can make a first simplistic rhythm. This instrument is usually played with other drummers in a group to create more fun.

Best Clapbox Cajon In India

List Of 7 Best Clapbox Cajon In India

We have compiled the best Clapbox Cajon in India with all the detailed functionalities that you can get. So, for all the music lovers who have been looking for the best clap box Cajon, here is the list of the best Cajon.

1.) Clapbox Cajon CB11 -Black, Oak Wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares 

It is one of the best Cajons for beginners in India. The three sets of internal fixed snare wires give the perfect sound and perfect bass. The Oakwood Tapa solid MDF shell is built with excellent quality and smooth wood finishing. The giant legs are available to provide better stability.

Special Features

  • Perfect bass with crisp snare sound.
  • Best for both professionals and amateurs.
  • Appropriate seating and height.
  • Provide better stability.
  • Great built quality
  • Affordable

Clap box Cajon, CB11 is a fantastic bass, as it endures an unmistakable sound to deliver a better experience. Generally, Clap box Cajons are very beneficial during unplugged gigs, providing the music band’s rhythmic foundation.

This Cajon provides a unique tone and delivers a perfect balance between the kick tones and snares. Generally, in this Cajon, other bushes are added at the bottom, making it more comfortable sitting and a perfect height while playing it for hours on the stage; it helps to avoid back pain and stress.

2.) Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65- Birch Wood, (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares

A Clapbox adjustable Snare Cajon is a great instrument and is the second-best clap box Cajon in India. It sounds professional enough to perform with a professional band. The model of this Cajon is accomplished in words of beautiful stones.

Special Features

  • Better stability with the more giant legs.
  • The stand of this Cajon makes it firmer.
  • It is made from birchwood Tapa and solid MDF.
  • Fantastic bass and snare sounds.
  • Comes with a three-set of solid MDF shell.
  • Enhances the overall tonal qualities- brighter tone, rich and deep bass, crisp snare.
  • Provide a great experience with the entire bass spectrum.
  • Great for amateurs and professionals.

A Clapbox CB65 Adjustable Snare Cajon assists in maintaining the bass and the snare sound. You will feel excellent while playing it as the entire bass spectrum, sizzle snares, warm fingers rolls, and slap encourage music and rhythms. 

This Cajon undergoes the best sound quality that gives the immense experience of a full-fledged portable drum kit. It is built from a birchwood tapa and solid MDF. The three sets of adjustable snare wires assist in maintaining the snare and bass sound. It is also one of the best Cajon for beginners and professionals.

3.) Clapbox Flow Graphic Cajon CB-FLW8, Walnut wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares, Black (Disco)

The Clapbox Cajon flow graphic CB-FLW8 is the best, especially for beginners who want to learn to play this instrument. This Cajon produces a good quality decent sound, and it is rich in bass and attractive with lots of graphical designs.

Special Features

  • Produce a decent sound quality and a good bass.
  • It is built from an MDF body and walnut Tapa.
  • Best for Beginners.
  • Rich and deep bass notes.
  • Premium finishing.
  • Enhance tonal qualities.

4.) Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB50- Oak Wood, (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares 

The other best clap box Cajon in India is made from the Oakwood Clapbox Cajon CB 50. It is built with premium quality, and it is made from good quality wood with a solid MDF shell. It usually comes in three sets of snares wires which are adjustable, and you can control the bass sound and the snares as per your preferences. 

By using the side knob, you can easily change the tone that is produced by the instrument. Additionally, from no-snare sound to the most traditional Cajon, it creates a fantastic bass tone that you can play with the help of this instrument.

Special Features

  • Great for professionals as well as for beginners.
  • Most giant legs provide better stability.
  • Made from wood Tapa and a solid MDF shell.
  • It can be played in live recordings or studio.
  • Comes with three sets of adjustable snare wires.
  • Control the bass sound and snare sound.
  • Amazing tonal qualities.

This instrument is attached with the more giant legs, which are pretty stable and perfect for beginners and amateur players. This can be used for studio recordings and live performances, as you can enjoy the entire bass spectrum with excellent music tone.

5.) Clapbox Flow Graphic Cajon CB-FLW8, Walnut wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares, Black (Dino) 

Clapbox flows graphic Cajon CB-FLW8 is one of the cheapest Cajon in India, that is why it is suggested as the perfect for beginners. This Clapbox Cajon is made using walnut wood on the front striking part, and the rest of the composite body is made from the  MDF.

Special features

  • Better Stability.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Affordable.
  • It is built with walnut wood and MDF composite.
  • Perfect for drum set grooves in recordings and live performances.

The Cajon comes with three sets of internal snares, and it is effortless to play the bass tones. You will surely experience a brighter tone while playing this Clapbox Cajon with a little more Snare.

Furthermore, this Cajon has an excellent design and finishing that adds more attractiveness and character to your music. It is also perfect for drummers who want to experiment with their playing style. This Clapbox Cajon is easy to play or produce drum set groups in recordings and live performances.

6.) Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB40- Blue, Birch Wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares 

This clap box Cajon CB40 produces an exciting sound as it is made out of Birchwood and MDF bodies; it also comes with three sets of clear wires. The blue finishing of this Cajon makes it very attractive to look at. Also, the snares are adjustable and can be turned on-off using the bass control knob.

Special Features

  • Produce a rear sound port.
  • It is made from birchwood Tapa and a solid MDF shell.
  • This Cajon Comes with three sets of snare wires.
  • Perfect for live and studio recordings.
  • Great for beginners and professionals.

This Cajon also comes at an affordable rate and can be used as a drum set in studio settings and live recordings.

7.) Clapbox Cajon CB45 -Crate Design, Birch Wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares, Deep Bass tone. 

Clapbox Cajon is one of the best Cajon that you can play. The sound of bass and snare is incredible. It is effortless to play as you don’t have to reach down to make a punchy bass. Simply beat a couple of tabs from the top, and you will get a perfect sound.

Special Features

  • Perfect drum set grooves.
  • Better stability due to its large legs.
  • Outstanding tonal qualities, brighter tone, rich and deep bass.
  • A classic clap box for performing drum set creases in-studio and performances.

Clapbox Cajon is best in playability and classic craftsmanship delivered with this Cajon. It can increase overall active tone. It is perfect for beginners and drummers looking to expand their training techniques, and it is also played and recommended for expert professionals. 

The Clapbox Cajon’s bass, snare, and overall music are excellent. It can increase tonal qualities and overall feel. It has a crisp snare, brighter tone, and vital profound bass records, mainly in the center with the premium finishing. Additionally, it is crafted like a wooden box, making it more attractive and pleasant.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Clapbox Cajon In India

Build Quality

A Cajon consists of the striking surface known as a tapa. It is usually prepared from different materials and possesses good quality. Generally, it is made from a suitable material like plywood, and the tapa is also ready from plywood. Due to its incredible strength, it is much more durable. It also serves as a soft surface that makes it easier for the players to play it conveniently and thus produce a good quality sound.


Generally, the size of the Cajon has directly affected the sound it produces. This instrument is available in many different sizes ranging from the ones you can fit on the lap and even there are also much taller ones that sound like a congo. So if you want a high volume, bass-y, loud sound, choose a more significant, taller size Cajon. However, if you seek a most-pitched Cajon, you should go with a smaller size.


Before playing any instrument, you require better compatibility. Likewise, you need comfort by sitting on the top of it and leaning a little forward so that you can clap over its surface and make a quality sound. In addition, you also need to ensure that the Cajon you are buying is compatible with your body dimensions and that you don’t feel any discomfort while sitting over it and playing it. All the playing will be done effortlessly without stretching your arms. 

Adjustable Soundboard

Music is very subjective, and when you’re getting the best Clapbox Cajon, you must look out for a Cajon that produces a good sound and possesses an adjustable sound to adjust its setting as per your preferences. Therefore, always look for the Cajon that offers the additional soundboard you can separate anytime from the box to change as per your requirements. 

Bass And Snore Tone Balance

Before buying a Cajon, you must try out playing it to ensure the balance between the snare tones and bass. Usually, a Cajon with excessive bass can adversely affect the snare tone. Therefore, you need to pick up a Cajon, which perfectly strikes a balance between snare and bass.

Which Is The Best Clapbox Cajon In India For Beginners?

The best Cajon is “Clapbox Cajon CB-11, Black Oak Wood, 3-internal snares.” It is ideal for beginners looking to learn to play the Cajon. The sound quality of this Cajon is perfectly tuned in the right direction. It also shows a crispy balance between the snares and bass tone.

The song quality of this instrument is charming as it is made from Oakwood. It is one of the best clap boxes for beginners and professionals.

Types Of Cajon

There are four different types of Clapbox Cajon. 

Types Of Cajon

Flamenco Cajon

The flamenco guitar legend Paco Delucia brought this Cajon from Peru to Spain. He made various innovations by adding a guitar string on the Cajon’s backside and introducing a flamenco Cajon. Consequently, they improved variants that usually possess wires, guitar strings, and rattles.

Peruvian Cajon

This Peruvian Cajon originated in Peru in the mid-17th century. Usually, traditional Cajons feature six sides and a big hole in their back, which is for sound projection. One of the simplest Cajons doesn’t produce any snare sound.

Snare Cajon

Snare Cajon is one of the modern variants of Cajon that produces kick sound effects and snare sound, which are commonly used in most music genres. Generally, the guitar strings are replaced by snare wires in snare Cajon. They are trendy and widely found in various Cajon variants.

Cuban Cajon

The Cuban Cajon is different from other Cajons as they resemble Congo drums and are usually played on the top. In these Cajon, the player doesn’t need to sit on the top of it as it doesn’t feature snare strings.

What Is The Price Of Clapbox Cajon In India? And How Much Does A Cajon Cost?

The price of Clapbox Cajon in India starts from Rs. 3,500 and moves up to Rs. 10,000. This instrument is also available at the lowest price of Rs. 3,500.

Whether a beginner, intermediate, or professional, you can get a wide range of clap box Cajon at the appropriate coverage. However, if you require a long-lasting, high-quality clap box Cajon, you should go with the higher price range. But it totally depends on your choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Cajon?

Above, we have discussed the best Clapbox Cajons in India and certain essential things that need to be considered while buying the Clapbox Cajons. So here, we will see multiple benefits of Cajons.

What Are The Benefits Of Cajon
  • Provides a wide range of sounds.

The Cajons provide a wide range of sounds that allow the musician to dive into the music and produce pleasure and rhythm. The Clapbox Cajons cover less space and are easy to play with.

  • Cheaper alternative as compared to the drum kit.

The Cajons are generally cheaper than the drum kit as it costs only a fraction of the price of the drum kit. They are very affordable and even thus deliver a good quality sound.

  • Easier to play.

The cajons are more accessible to play than the drum kit; they can be played by hand, and it is effortless to hold in comparison to drumsticks.

  • Better Portability & Durable.

A Cajon is very portable, making it very easy to carry around from venue to venue. It is also durable as compared to the other hand drum.

  • Comfortable Serving as seating space 

A Cajon serves as a better sitting space for the players; it requires less space in the venue. The players simply need to sit on the top of the Cajon and play it with their hands or fingers.


What Wood Is Considered Best For Cajon?

Generally, it is recommended to consider the more complex, denser solid hardwood for Cajons. Like, Padouk, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Wenge, etc.

How To Play A Cajon?

The most used technique considered while paying Cajon is its high tones.  Simply let your hand drop, and with the middle of your palm, strike the top corner of the Cajon.

How To Tune A Cajon?

It is always best to tune the strings, tighter for tighter to make a clear sound and a fast response. You can also use them for snare sound and higher frequencies that can be sustained.

Final Words

A Cajon is one of the most straightforward musical instruments ever made, and it is clear to play with and very comfortable. However, choosing the right one for you can be challenging as it comes in the slightest variations in dimensions and ranges.

The Cajons usually provide a wide range of quality sound, allowing musicians to dive deeper into music creativity to produce pleasing rhythms. This instrument usually covers less space compared to the drum kit.

Further, in any musical band, everyone loves the beat of the Clapbox as it produces a good quality sound in the background score of music, especially during the vocal songs. Getting the best Clapbox once will guarantee a long-lasting quality sound.

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