Hey, my name is Lalita; also a Pisces; being a Pisces being artistic, compassionate, and musical,  it’s obvious to be in love with music and musical instruments. 

I’ve been in love with music since my childhood, and in the year 2021, I thought of sharing the knowledge that I have with you all on this blog. I’ll help you to decide your favorite musical instrument and turn your hobbies/passions into dreams.

I write beginner guides, product reviews, and all music-related stuff. Welcome to Your Music Point, where you can escape from reality, travel to places that you have never been before with the help of music.

Sometimes I also rewrite popular songs; in fact, I’ve rewritten a few in the past, such as rewrites of Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo, Falling by Harry Styles, Heather by Conan Gray, and the list goes on.

I write my experience and help people in this field via my blogs. I love writing in my spare time, and then I thought of “Why don’t I share my experiences in this field with people through my blogs?” and here it is!

Not mine, it’s Your Music Point!

A place for Music Maniacs to explore the world of music!