Did Michael Jackson Play Any Musical Instruments?

Michael Jackson, an American singer, songwriter, and dancer is well-known among us. 

Although a few queries are still revolving around the King Of Pop, i.e., how many instruments MJ played, was MJ able to play any musical instruments, and many more.

Below, I’ve discussed these questions on a factual basis.

Did Michael Jackson Play Any Musical Instruments?

Michael Jackson played guitar, synthesizer, drums, percussion, and keyboard but was inexpert. He didn’t know how to write or read, and also he couldn’t read music notes, but he still used to write music on his own; in opposition to obtaining musical perception and understanding, Jackson could play a few instruments.

How Many Musical Instruments Did Michael Jackson Play?

Jackson could play a few instruments on his albums, for example, keyboard, drums, and the guitar, and he was virtuous and good at it. Although he couldn’t read music notes, he could remember and imitate all kinds of sounds of the instruments with his voice by beat-boxing.

Could Michael Jackson Play Any Musical Instruments?

Yes, Jackson used to play guitar, piano, drums, synthesizer, and percussion instruments on ‘HIStory(his ninth studio album) but he could not play them masterly. These were the few instruments that Michael Jackson could play at ease without any professional training, his father trained him, and Jackson became one of the best performers of his time under his guidance.                     

He didn’t have any type of formal composition training or knowledge about musical instruments because he couldn’t read or write music. However, anyone could easily say that he was well educated, instructed, and properly trained by his father and was a better performer. 

Did Michael Jackson Play Piano?

Michael Jackson did play the piano but wasn’t very good at it. Despite the fact that his father forced him to play music, he also trained him around playing musical instruments.

Did Michael Jackson Play Guitar?

Jackson wasn’t an instrumentalist though he could play other instruments; he was a master at playing the percussion instruments and drums but wasn’t very good at playing the guitar.

But he used to play around and could play it but not ideally; it’s been a mystery for all the MJ fans regarding his musical skills. 

Did Michael Jackson Make His Beats?

Yes, Michael Jackson did make his beats, the music, the lyrics, the notes, everything. But not unlike any other ordinary musician, he had a different style, and because of his extraordinary technique, his fans loved him and still love him the same. 

His music career passed over for decades. He was a very famous singer-songwriter, a rockstar, and a fantastic dancer. His versatility made everyone want to be like him. 

Did Michael Jackson Write His Songs?

Michael Jackson was a professional songwriter who wrote almost all of his songs. As a songwriter, he wrote more than 150 songs, of which 20 songs were performed on American radio and television. His co-writer and producer, Jennifer Holliday, worked with Jackson on his album ‘Say You Love Me.’

Final Words

Now I think you are pretty clear with the question you had before going through this article.

So yes, MJ could play a few musical instruments, but he was inexpert in playing them.

And other than that, he was an exceptional performer and has set, broke many records.

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