What Type Of Musical Instrument Is A Goombay?

Goombay: officially comes from the Bahamas in Florida, a tropical Calypso-style melody; Goombay is also a dance form, whereas the instrument played lives in a particular style.

What Type Of Musical Instrument Is A Goombay?

Goombay is a musical instrument made of a membranophone goatskin with a drum-like structure and has either a round or squared top and is played with hands. It has a different style called Calypso related to local Afro-Caribbean music; it falls under R&B music (Rhythm and Blues).

What Is Goombay Music?

Bahamian goombay music is a blended combination of the Trinidadian Calypso and Jamaican Mento. Eventually, Goombay music developed into Afro-Caribbean interconnected to Calypso. 

The Bahamas had the most popular Goombay player – Blake Alphonso Higgs; his stage/artist name was ‘Blind Blake.’ He played at Nassau International Airport for numerous years. During the 80s, he and the instrument gradually became extremely popular in the west. In March 1982, their solo single reached number one in the UK singles chart. 

Goombay A Musical Instrument Is Made From?

Goombay, a drum-like musical instrument, is made from membranophone goat-skin, shaped as either round or squared top, but primarily shaped round.

Types Of Music In The Bahamas

The music of the Bahamas is a traditional cultural reset and in backscattering of hard work and celebration of different sounds like Goombay, Soca music, Calypso music, Ragga, Bahamian Rhyming Spiritual, Ripsaw music, Dub, Chutney music, Rocksteady, Spouge, Rapso, Dancehall, and Junkanoo. 

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