7 Best Harmonica For Beginners In India

Are you a beginner and desperately want to learn harmonica? Well, it’s tough to go and find a harmonica that is suitable for beginners and works perfectly fine. Still, below I’ve made it easy for you by listing down the seven best harmonica for beginners in India.

There are lots of instruments in India like guitar, tabla, drums, harmonica, flutes, and more. All these instruments can be played by anyone as per their choice; however, the harmonica is one of the most straightforward musical instruments with a different music genre.

Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country are some of the most notable genres. Additionally, Harmonica is also known as Blues Harp, and people often address it as a mouth organ. 

The popularity of harmonica makes it more attractive among all music lovers. It produces a sweet, melodic, and subtle tone. This instrument is easy to carry, and it is considered one of the oldest music devices. It is easily playable and affordable. 

How To Choose The Best Harmonica For Beginners?

No doubt, Harmonicas is the most popular name known for its sound and smoothness when playing it. It is considered an excellent instrument for playability, portability, and affordability. In addition, apart from its size and cost, the great tones and versatility in models, shapes make it everyone’s favorite. (Even mine’s)


Harmonicas are famous for the great music genres like blues, country, and rock but still for the beginners or the new players; it is often recommended to start from a standard diatonic or blues harp harmonica. Apart from this, there is no need to remember the tones of keys as harmonicas play only on a single key.

However, various other factors play an essential role in choosing the best harmonica.

Considering Your Budget

The first and most crucial factor that needs to be considered while buying the best Harmonica for you is the budget you hold. If you want to get a diatonic Harmonica, then it will be a perfect option. You can also go with different available models, which are affordable and produce a good sound. 

Additionally, you can consider the Hohner Silver star. And for a better budget, you can find unlimited opportunities on more prominent harmonica with more air channels. Likewise, excellent top-notch quality can range from Rs. 800 to Rs. 4000 or even more, and for a perfect chromatic harmonica, the range starts from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3L.

If You Are A Beginner, Then Go For The Key Of C

There are multiple harmonical tutorials available online that help you guide to playing the Harmonica with the key of C. Even; it is often recommended to go for the Harmonica, which has the key of C. This key is very easy to understand as it doesn’t follow any sharps and flats, which could be challenging to understand for beginners or new players. 

Moreover, once you understand the tips and tricks around the key of C, then you can easily go with other keys of G, D, and A. However, the advanced level player who is mastered in the key of G also recognized the key C is for ease and playfulness. 

Choose The Material: Wood, Metal, And Plastic

You can choose Harmonica as per your requirements and ease, as it comes in various materials for comb-like metal, wood, and plastic. However, it will be a great choice if you choose a plastic harmonic comb, as it assures a great sound with ease. Consequently, as it is a plastic material, you can carry it effortlessly, and it will provide your top-quality sound.

No matter if the durability of the wooden comb is lacking, you can still expect a fantastic sound and classical music. However, as the seal is not closed, you can face a seep in the harmonica, which badly wears out the product. So, if you want to use the harmonica for the long run, it is recommended not to choose a wooden harmonica comb.

For metal combs, it is recommended to buy them because of their durability. These are generally the lightest as compared to plastic and wooden combs. You can carry them effortlessly. However, the durability doesn’t always have to be the same as it depends on certain factors like – use and technical capabilities.

7 Best Harmonica For Beginners In India

1. Easttop 10 Hole Diatonic T008K Harmonica Blues Mouth Organ Key of C Musical Instrument Harmonica

The Easttop 10 Hole Diatonic T008K Harmonica Blues Mouth Organ Key of C Musical instrument Harmonica is from one of the most renowned companies in China. This musical instrument is famous for its best quality and tune, which is why many professionals use it; along with its quality and being perfectly tuned, it is easy to blow in and draw, which further assists in a smooth transitioning in different musical notes.

So no doubt, it’s a great musical instrument for the beginners level players and as well as for the professional. It has incredible features which make it unique from others. Let’s have a look and those features.

Special features

  • Corrosion-resistant with stainless steel screws and waterproof.
  • Perfect full sound with better tightness along with one sealing screws.
  • Phosphor bronze reed.
  • The category of Harmonica is Blues/Diatonic.
  • A thick copper base plate with a net weight is about 83g, and thickness is 1.2mm.

2. Vault HA1000 Key C 10-Hole Diatonic Mouth Organ Harmonica for Professional Player & Beginner, Silver

The other best harmonica for beginners in India is vault HA1000 Key C 10-Hole Diatonic Mouth Organ. It is an ideal musical instrument for beginners as well as for professionals. It is built with a material that lasts longer as it gives you a fantastic playing experience with a pleasant sound.

The Vault HA1000 is very simple and easy to learn if it is approved correctly. This musical Harmonica usually comes in a sleek matte black brass cover. You will also get a carry case in the box, which prevents it from getting destructive. 

Special Features

  • A plastic cover with a stainless steel cover.
  • Perfect suitability for beginners.
  • Key C with 10 holes.
  • Diatonic scale.

3. Easttop® 10 Holes C Tune Blues Harmonica Mouth Organ T10 

The Easttop diatonic blues mouth organ harmonica is mainly manufactured by a renowned company in China. They ensure specifically to manufacture the best quality harmonicas and distribute them all over the world. 

Further, this harmonica is made up of stainless steel screws of good quality. It has 10 holes, blues, and is a diatonic Harmonica. The thickness of the base plate is 1.2mm, and the product’s net weight is 83 g. It is highly recommended for new players or beginners in Diatonic Harmonica as it has a fantastic quality of sound with air drawn. 

Special features

  • It is affordable.
  • It has fantastic sound quality.
  • Come up with a plastic protection cover.
  • It is highly recommended by professionals and beginners.
  • It is easy to carry and lightweight.

4. Swan SW1020H 10 Hole Harmonica Mouth Organ (Silver, Key C) 

Undoubtedly, a plethora of music lovers will continually search for the best instruments. When it comes to a Harmonica for beginners, they want to find which is easy to play with the best quality. So to make it easier for people, they have come up with the excellent quality of a musical instrument: Swan SW1020H 10 Hole Harmonica Mouth Organ. 

The super best quality of this harmonica makes it more impressive. It comes with the copper base flat and phosphorus bronze gongs reed. It gives you a good sound as it is easy to blow in with less pressure.

Special Features

  • Come up with Key of C and key of G.
  • Copper base plate.
  • Great musical instrument for beginners.
  • Greater outer finishing.
  • Swan 10 hole key of C blues harmonica.

5. Easttop Harmonica 24 Holes 48 Tones with C Key Professional Mouth Organ Tremolo

If you are looking for an advanced-level harmonica with a scale changer, then Easttop harmonica 24 Holes 48 Tones with C key Professional mouth organ Tremolo will be the best choice. It is an advanced chromatic mouth organ that is from a top brand. It is known for its fantastic quality and premium quality materials used in the manufacturing of this Harmonica.

Special Features

  • It has been crafted with 24 holes 48 Tones.
  • Great harmonica for the beginners.
  • Tremolo Harmonica.
  • Superb quality.
  • Stainless steel, Copper, ABS.

6. Hohner Ocean Star C M254001S Harmonica

Hohner Ocean Star C M254001S comes under India’s top list of the best harmonica for beginners. It could be the best choice for beginners who want to learn to play the Harmonica. It has a superb 48 reeds with 0.9 mm brass-made reed plates. 

Additionally, this instrument has 24 holes and 3 octaves. It can also be easily manageable at 7 long. The overall quality of this harmonica is quite pleasant.

Special Features

  • Easy to play and learn.
  • 48 Reeds.
  • Come up with a plastic comb.
  • Approx length 18.0 cm.
  • A pleasant and shiny look.

7. Hohner M50401S Harmonica with 10 holes (Silver)

This Harmonica is an excellently famous mouth organ which is also known as a free-reed wind instrument. Generally, it is used for different musical genres like American Folk music, Blues, etc. This Harmonica is also considered the best musical instrument. Consequently, this Harmonica is best for professionals and an ideal option for the beginner level.

Special Features

  • The actual length is 10cm.
  • 10 Holes with reeds 20.
  • Attractive Mouth Organ.
  • Reed plates, Brass 0.9mm.
  • Great value for money.

Types Of Harmonica

man playing harmonica

Diatonic Harmonica

Diatonic Harmonica is on the top list. The standard amazing diatonic harmonica comes in 12 keys as it allows the players to complete 7 notes of the major of the keys. In addition, apart from the major scale, a player will also get various other notes by blending air inside and out.

Generally, the diatonic harmonica is used in the country, folk, and blues which can be found in almost all styles of music.

Chromatic Harmonica

Chromatic harmonica is another type of harmonica, which is mainly used for playing classical music and jazz. The button on the side makes this Harmonica different from the others. When a player pushes the button, he can get all the missing half-step notes between the major scale. However, when the button is not pressed, you’ll have to play a normal major scale. 

The button option is beneficial as it makes it easy to play easily with any key of any scale. Also, you can’t blend it as you do with a diatonic harmonica.

Tremolo Harmonica

Tremolo harmonicas are one type of diatonic harmonica. It is distinct as having two reeds per note. This note is immensely giving a unique warbling sound created by these two reeds. In this harmonica, the two reeds are generally tuned slightly over the reference pitch, like one somewhat flat and the other slightly sharp.

Further, there are three commonly efficient tunings or layouts that are used for travel Harmonica. The older layout is found in diatonic accordions, and it’s pretty similar to that used in the standard diatonic harmonica.

Consequently, this tuning has an effective diatonic scale in the top and the middle of the harmonica, along with two chords in the lowest octave. Basically, this tonic is the dominant or fifth chord in the draw.

Chord Harmonica 

The chord harmonica has at least 48 chords, including major, minor, seventh, augmented, and diminished. This Harmonica is laid out in four-note clusters, where the soundings of the different chords on exhaling or inhaling. 

Additionally, each hole has at least two reeds for note and is tuned to one octave of each other.

Orchestral Harmonica

There are three different kinds of orchestral harmonica; the most common harmonicas are often found in East Asia. The tonal layout of this harmonica is nearly the same as the chromatic harmonica. All the notes are available throughout the two and a half octave range, and even one half of the law is also added to two holes 1 and 2. 

This harmonica’s rich and expressive tone is obtained in many different styles, which is also popular and modern in music. 


Can You Learn Harmonica By Yourself?

Often, most people believe that learning this instrument is very easy; however, it’s not true. It would be better for you to take some Harmonica playing learnings by online tutorials and read blog posts regarding harmonica lessons as it will cover every detail, especially for beginners, who just wanted some detailed knowledge about it.

Little Girl Playing The Harmonica

How Long Will It Take To Learn Harmonica?

If you want to learn harmonica, you can expect to play simple tunes within around three months if you practice regularly. However, your techniques will improve day by day within 6 to 12 months, and you will probably work on bending notes.


Which Is The Best Harmonica For Beginners In India?

Easttop T008K Diatonic blues harmonica is from one of the most renowned companies along with the best quality; that’s why it is used by many professionals and beginners as it is tuned perfectly. It also helps in smooth transitioning in the musical notes.

What Is The Easiest Song To Play On Harmonica?

Alouette. This is one of the most famous French folk songs and is among the easiest songs to learn on harmonica.

Which Is The Best Mouth Organ For Professionals?

The key of C Harmonica is produced by the world-famous musical instrument manufacturer, Suzuki. Suzuki HA-20-C Promaster Hammond harmonica is one of the best mouth organs for professionals. The sound produced by this musical instrument is fantastic, which will surely get you addicted to you.

Who Is A Famous Harmonica Player?

James Cotton is known as the famous and most dynamic Harmonica player of his time. He has won or shared ten Blues Music Awards during his career. He had also toured with Janis Joplin and was even inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2006.

Which Is The Best Diatonic Harmonica In India?

Easttop T008K Diatonic blues harmonica is one of the best diatonic Harmonica in India, which is from a renowned company from China. This harmonica is used by many professionals as it is tuned perfectly and helps in smooth transitioning in the musical notes.

Final Words

We understand that choosing the best one out of lots of others it’s pretty difficult. Therefore, above, we have discussed some of the best Harmonica famous for its perfect tune and has certain other quality features.

Further, when looking to get the best Harmonica for beginners in India, you must be aware of the other Harmonicas available. 

However, it is entirely your choice which Harmonica you go with according to your needs. We hope you have liked our review and found the best Harmonica for yourself.

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