5 Best Tabla In India – Buying Guide, Pricing, And Complete Details

Indian classical music is pleasant to the ears. There are multiple musical instruments such as violin, sitar, guitar, tabla, flute, harmonium, and many more. Each musical instrument involved people in the soothing musical melody. Out of all the classical musical instruments, the tabla is appreciated by lots of people.

A Tabla is one of the most important musical instruments of Indian classical music. This instrument is responsible for giving the right rhythm and depth to classical music. 

Even many classical music events are incomplete without tabla as they can create unrivaled music that anybody wants to listen to again and again.

Furthermore, playing tabla helps you learn the classical musical rhythm and is also beneficial for getting the experience in learning the instrument with other benefits. It helps to enhance the awareness and kinesthetic development in your body. Likewise, playing tabla also helps to enhance the tuning of the mind, body, and other sense organs.

Below is the list of 5 Best Tabla in India in 2022

5 Best Tabla In India In 2022

1. Baba Surjan Singh & Sons – BSSS Professional Wooden Indian Musical Instrument Bayan Tabla, Dayan Tabla For Beginners

This Bayan tabla is from Baba Surjan Singh and Sons. It is one of the best wooden Indian musical instruments. It has a high-pitched tone, usually C# and D#. This tabla can produce a sweet and light sound, so it is recommended by lots of professionals.

Further, Baba Sujan Singh and Sons professional wooden Indian musical instrument Bayan tabla are easy to play and handle. The high-quality iron or nickel polished on the Tabla made it one of the best quality over others.

In addition, it is not only best for the professional but also for the beginners who want to learn to play tabla.

Special Features

  • BSSS professional wooden Indian music instrument Bayan tabla is easy to play and handle.
  • The instrument has high-quality iron-on nickel polished.
  • It comes with a bag, hammer, a cloth for covering, and a binnu.

2. Akshar Tabla professional Sheesham Wood Dayan & Still Bayan Heavy Quality 

Akshar tabla is another of the best quality professional tablas available at a reasonable rate. It is made up of heavy steel, which makes its sound quality very decent. If you have a low budget, you can go with this tabla as it will be the best option.

The quality of this tabla is terrific, and it is very suitable for the professional and those interested in learning the instrument. It’s an excellent collection to add to your other instruments. 

Due to Sheesham wood Dayan, it is well-tuned with different notes. It can come up with different variants starting from 5.5 to more.

Below are the unique special features of the Akshar tabla.

Special Features

  • Bayan (Left Metal Drum), 2kg
  • Dayan (Right Wooden Drum), 4kg
  • It comes in 9-inch Heavy Quality Bayan 2 kg 
  • 5 to 5.5 Sheesham Wood Dayan (tabla) 4kg 
  • Accessories with a waterproof Bag, Gaddi chumbal set, Hammer, PVC Gatta.
  • It produces excellent sound quality.

Tabla holds an amazingly unique sound, and people play this instrument with great interest. It is one of the wooden Dayan and still Bayan excellent Indian musical instruments. You don’t need to purchase a separate hammer as it comes with a waterproof bag, a gaddi set, and a hammer, which enables it to be used effortlessly.

3. S.A Trading Company 2.5 kg Designing Copper Tabla Set

The copper Tabla set is a little pricey with a weight of 2.5 kg to 2.7 kg copper bayan and 3.5 kg to 4.5 kg Sheesham wood Dayan. The Tabla has a circumference of copper Bayan 9.25 to 9.5 inches with height 11 inches – 12  inches, circumference of Sheesham wood Dayan is 5.25 to 5.45 inches with height 9.5 – 10.5 inches.

In addition, it comes up with cushions and covers, handmade pudis, a hammer, and a carry bag. The musical instrument is excellent and well-tuned, it is quite an overpriced instrument, but the quality of the item is worth it.

Being a musical instrument, it is played with the hand, and the skin of that isn’t quite hard, but the instrument’s good quality can resist certain conditions. The middle portion of this tabla is made up of iron particles, a particular type of clay, and water.

Consequently, there are lots of woods that are used to make the Tabla. This tabla is made up of the Sheesham, which has the best quality and copper Bayan. 

Here are the special features of the tabla, which make it unique from the others.

Special Features

  • The color of the musical instrument is natural.
  • The materials that are used in manufacturing the instrument are copper Bayan and Sheesham wood Dayancan.
  • Instrument dimension (LxBxH) Dayan- 27cm x 14 cm x 26 cm, Bayan- 30 cm, 24 cm, 30 cm.
  • Circumference of tabla makers arrays as per the requirements from 5 inches to 5.50 inches.
  • It comes with a padded carry bag and a tuning hammer.
  • Handmade pooris and baddi.
  • It also includes high-quality covers and cushions.

4. BSSS Baba Surjan Singh & Sons Professional Wooden Indian Musical Instrument BDayan Tabla 

BSSS Baba Surjan Singh & Sons is a famous Global company that focuses on various musical instruments, including tabla, which is already very popularly seen worldwide. 

There are lots of regions in India where tabla is needed as the main percussion instrument. Even in typical folk music, various other regional percussion instruments go well with tablas such as khartal, khanjari, ghunghroo, and much more. 

Below are some unique features of this instrument.

Special Features

  • The instrument has a high-quality iron-on nickel polished.
  • It is easy to handle and play.
  • It comes with a bag, binnu, hammer, and a cloth that can cover the upper head of the Tabla.

5. Surjan Singh & Sons Steel Handmade Tabla

Sujan Singh and sons Steel handmade tabla played with the different genres of music. The primary specialty of this is that it is capable of imitating any other instrument. 

In Indian classical music, there is a battle in playing the instrument generally known as jugalbandi. Surjan Singh and Sons steel and tabla is unique as it is a choice of various professionals and even beginners. It is best for battling in the music competition.

Take a glimpse at the unique features of the Sujan Singh and Sons steel handmade tabla.

Special Features

  • The body of the instrument is made up of chrome-plated Steel. 
  • The bayan takes a part of the drum duo.
  • The Dayan is made up of various unique types of wood.
  • The size of a Dayan is usually measured by the diameter of the skin, and the size of 5 to 6 inches is in use.
  • The standard sizes of the instrument are about 5 1/4  inches to 5 1/2 inches, with a turning is around C.
  • The measurement is given in centimeters (cm). 

Things To Consider While Buying Best Tabla In India

Before purchasing any musical instrument, you first need to understand specific features and materials used in the instrument’s manufacturing. 


Consequently, it is crucial to know the tablas’ origin, appearance, and tonal variation to perform well at any musical concert. 

Considering all these things also help you to adjust your budget based on the qualities of the product.

Build Quality

The quality of tabla and material that are used in manufacturing is very crucial. Generally, the manufacturers will use authentic animal skin to make it; however, in terms of drums, they typically use copper, brass, steel to make it more durable and of good quality when played. 

Consequently, the tabla will also be manufactured using wood and even Sheesham or rosewood to produce a traditional sound.


Generally, when it comes to testing the sound of tabla, we simply visit a video clip or a store and test the sound. However, a Dayan has a treble tone, while a Bayan has a deep and bass tone. These two musical tones should complement the sound as it belongs to practically blending tones.

However, the tuning is also based on tension; for Dayan / tabla, you need a lot of tension to get the bell-like sound. Likewise, Bayan / Dugga requires less tension so that you can get a low sound.


You have a choice to choose the appearance of your tabla set correctly. If you want the traditional look of your tabla, you can select accordingly, and if you’re going to modernize the outlook of tabla, you can even go for who looks best. Additionally,  make sure the quality and the functionalities of tabla are the same.

Which Is The Best Tabla Brand?

Maharaja Tabla Brand has been designed usually for professional players. The quality of the tabla is impressive as it can produce melodious sounds. The Tabla is made up of copper weighing 4.5 kg and Sheesham as it is one of the best quality of wood for manufacturing the tabla.

man playing tabla

Bayan (Larger Drum)

  • It comes up with high-quality hand-made Puddi (Drumhead)
  • It produces Bass Tones.
  • The height of the drum between 10 to 11 Inches.
  • It is available in Silver Kuri (Shell) color.

Dayan (Smaller Drum)

  • It comes up with a high-quality hand-crafted puddi (Drumhead)
  • Tuned to C# and D#
  • It produces Treble Tones.
  • It is available in Dark Brown Lakri (Shell) color.

Includes Extra Accessories

  • Cushion & Covers.
  • Tuning Hammer.
  • Tabla Book.


Which Metal Is Best For Tabla?

Tabla is made up of rosewood and teak, usually comes in a set. However, different types of tabla are made with different woods. The Tabla is also graded based on the weight and the overall tone clarity. However, in general, the heavier or better tabla is made up of brass or copper alloys as it is the best.

What Is The Price Of Tabla In India?

No doubt, the quality of musical instruments is very crucial to use in the long run. No one wants to buy bad-quality musical instruments. Even if you’re going to buy a tabla, you want a good quality even though you have to spend a little more while purchasing it.

For the basic model of a tabla, the price starts in India from Rs. 3,000 and could reach a maximum of Rs.10,000. However, if you are looking to buy a perfect quality Tabla set and want to use it for the long run, you must go with a professional level for tabla as it starts the range from Rs.15,000 and beyond that.

What Is The Cost Of Tabla?

A good quality tabla starts with the minimum range of Rs. 5,000 and even can go beyond as per the quality or a set of the instrument. However, if you want to buy a professional tabla, it could reach up to a range of Rs. 15,000 and even beyond that.

Final Words

Today, the Tabla is very popular among different musical instruments. Even the modern tabla is highly developed as a master player of the instrument can play almost all the patterns of rhythms.

Learning any instrument is very beneficial as it helps to add new skills to ourselves and teaches us the creative ability and strengthening like listening, social skills, learning, and much more.

Above, we have discussed the five best tablas in India with their unique features to make it easy to find the best tabla as per requirement.

We hope you will get an idea of the best Tabla for your musical learning by reading this.  We have provided an overall comprehensive review and analysis of the best tabla in India available on the market. We make it easier for our users to choose the best musical instrument that suits their budget, references, and requirements.

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