Best Punam Flutes For Beginners In 2022

Are you looking for the best Punam flute for yourself as a beginner? And are you thinking of investing in Punam flutes, and are you quite dicey about it? Well, I’ve got you covered in this article, and I’ve mentioned the best 5 Punam flutes for beginners in this post.

Don’t ever invest in any instrument before having prior knowledge about it. For your goodness, this article will get you covered from A to Z about the Punam Flutes in just a few minutes.

The flute is an instrument that has been around for thousands of years. Indian flutes are a popular choice for beginners due to their rich, relaxing sound. It’s a fantastic instrument because it can play two octaves, and its sound is unique, unlike any other wind instrument. They come in many different sizes and pitches, which is how they get their name.

So, let’s get into it, where I’ll be discussing the best Punam flutes for beginners in the Indian Market with some exclusive tips, pros and cons about the flute, and will also provide you coupons and discount codes so that you can grab the best deal.

Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri Size 19 Inches

Unlike other flutes, Punam Flutes are made of carbonate resin which absorbs more sound and produces a higher-pitched sound than metal. It’s easiest to play because the focal point is right in front of your face making it easier to see. 

As a beginner, beware that this particular type of flute is tuned differently; you’ll need some patience getting used to playing it!

This flute produces a good frequency, complex tone, and excellent for classical music, orchestral playing, studio recording, and other musical effects. The hard case included with this flute makes it easy to carry around wherever you want to go.

  • Good Frequency – The Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri comprises high-quality bamboo and has a great sound. It is one of the easiest flutes to play, even for beginners. This bansuri has a good frequency, making it ideal for classical music, orchestral playing, and other musical styles. The flute is well suited for beginners as well as advanced players.
  • Complex Tone – The Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri produces a complex tone that gives you the ability to play various kinds of music with ease. It produces an excellent range of tones from soft and delicate to loud and powerful, giving you the ability to play any music you want.
  • Easy To Play Even For Beginners – This bansuri is very easy to learn how to play even for beginners because it has no sharp edges or uneven surfaces that might hurt your fingers while playing it. It’s made with care so that everyone can enjoy its beautiful sound!

The C Natural Medium Bansuri is a flute that has an easy finger spread for beginners and plays beautifully well-balanced sound no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned player looking to explore more challenging rhythms and notes. Its suspension system ensures no uneven sympathetic vibrations to create crystal clear pitch, perfect tones, even across all registers – made from the best materials in India.

Create the perfect soundtrack for your life with Punam Flutes.

About Punam Flutes

Punam Flutes is a company that specializes in making high-quality Indian flutes. They are available for purchase on their website and at select music stores around the world. Punam Flutes has been around since the early ’20s when they started as a small family business. Today, Punam Flutes strives to make the best instruments possible with expertise from over five generations of craftsmen.

The founding father of Punam flutes, Mr. Subhash Thakur, the skilled craftsman, had a desire to make quality flutes for the music melomaniacs all around the world.

Eventually, Punam Flutes accumulated tremendous popularity among everyone around the world and is now one of the biggest flute producers.

Mr. Subhash never wanted to make money out of all this, but as he tried to make the perfect flute for the industry, and in due course, that turned into his job.

As been saying that even the experts can not stop rambling about how perfect the flute is in every way from the material, quality, tuning, and toning. 

Why Choose Punam Flutes?

Flutes are one of the most satisfying and pleasant instruments; making the perfect flute takes a lot of hard work, a perfectly crafted and tuned flute is the motive of ‘Punam flutes.’

The tone reflections, the blowing adjustments, and proper hand positioning are recommended, and it could only be achievable with the cooperation of the best and a perfect piece.

As a complete beginner, being saved from any misled and going for a decent sub/standard flute is the best decision to make. Punam Flutes has a vast collection of flutes with many scales and ranges A, B, C, D, E, F, G with different tones sharp, base, and medium. 

A quick reminder to also choose according to the kind of music you’ve been trying to learn. For example, If it’s classical D, D#, E is a perfect choice.

As the majority suggests a C Natural Medium for a complete beginner to start, it is the most straightforward scale to play for an absolute beginner.

Punam Flutes Review

These are some key specialities in Punam Flutes:

• Compact and durable – perfect for travel.

• Suitable for adults and children.

• Made with high-quality materials to last in challenging situations.

• Comes with a case, easy to carry.

Types Of Punam Flutes For Beginners

There are different categories and types of flutes for unlike who’s a left-handed or a right-handed player.

Right Handed Flutes

As the name put forwards, the right-hand flutes indicate for all the right-handed players.

Left Handed Flutes

As the name put forwards, the left-hand flutes indicate for all the left-handed players.

Combo Flute Set

And it also comes in sets in different sizes, scales, and ranges with different tones to learn and practice various types of music.

Carnatic Flute

Carnatic flutes are the ultimate choice to train and practice long-established traditional Carnatic music. The charge for Carnatic music session from Punam flute possibly be slightly expensive when analyzed and compared to other modifications.

Punam Flute Clearance Sale

Mr.Subash put all of his hard work into his job, and the remaining stock of flutes which are leftover and unsold, are cleared up in a clearance sale at a lower cost for the interested ones. 

With considerable reductions and 25%-40% sale discounts on the flutes, it perhaps makes it’s a great deal for beginners to buying them at the same packaging and sound quality in the Clearance Sale.

Coupons, Discount For Punam Flutes

Punam Flutes occasionally organize sales of their products, but at this moment, they do not have any coupons or discounts. 

Although, hereafter, whenever the coupons are obtainable, we will right away upgrade the article. You can read more about the Punam Flutes and about their discounts here.


Which Is The Best Punam Flute in India?

In India, “C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri” is one of the best flutes from Punam Flutes. It is one of the most recommended flutes for beginners to get used to it.


As a beginner being comfortable with no trouble with the instrument you play is the first considerable point, and Punam Flutes are the best flute producer in the Market and have the best flutes in general with a friendly budget and quality.

Punam Flute will undoubtedly be the finest choice for you.

I hope that I have got your query i.e. “Punam Flutes For Beginners” cleared and have helped you out to choose a perfect bansuri. But if you have any doubts related to this topic, I would love to help you out, just let me know in the comments!

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