5 Best Flute For Beginners In India 2022 (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for the best flute for beginners in India? If Yes, you should go through the whole article as we’ve mentioned every detail about the best flutes for beginners in India.

No doubt, the flute is one of the most pleasant sounding instruments that can make the music in the most natural loveable tune. It is one of the easily recognizable, oldest, and widely used instruments. Even famous finest artisans across India make the best flute for beginners in several materials, shapes, and sizes. It has also become one of the key cultural symbols. 

Additionally, Indian flutes are made up of bamboo; you can also find them in other materials; however, the traditional form of the flute is a simple bamboo stick. 

5 Best Flute For Beginners In India

Types Of Flutes In India

Indian classical music has a wide variety of musical instruments that are used in different music. The variation may occur for its purpose, but the classification is broadly based on the instrument being played. Flute, also known as bansuri, comes under the category of the woodwind instrument, which is responsible for producing a sound-like flow of air.

Here are two different types of flutes in India.

  1. North Indian Hindustani Flute (6 holes)

The North Indian Hindustani flute is considered one of the most sensual instruments that come out of India. It is known for displaying its beauty in a very pleasant way. The evocative tone of this flute seems very earthy and mystical. It has 6 holes that make it more reliable and easy to play.

  1. South Indian Carnatic Flute (8 holes)

South Indian Carnatic flutes consist of eight holes, and it is made up of bamboo. The fingers of both hands are used to open and close the door efficiently. It also comes with a blowing hole near one end. Additionally, this instrument comes in various sizes, including the shorter lengths with sharper tones and vice versa.

What Budget To Expect To Get The Best Flute For Beginners In India?

Well, the expected budget can be the lowest as well as the highest. You can get a flute from a local seller just for Rs. 50, but then you will not get the expected quality. So if you want a high-quality flute, you should exceed your budget as if you want to learn to play every tone of the music. You should never compromise with an instrument just for the budget. 

Further, the recommended budget for a premium quality flute is from Rs.1800- Rs.3000 for one of the best flutes for beginners.

1. Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri Size 19 inches.

Punam flutes C natural bamboo flute is in the number one position on the top list of best flutes. So if you are a beginner and want to learn to play the flute, you should go with this because it is easy to play and affordable.

The best part about this flute is it goes smoothly and mixes with any kind of music as it gives the right balance to both high and low notes. Additionally, it goes wonderful whether you want to use it for playing classical music or for studio recording like an orchestra.

This C5 flute is an ideal choice for getting any performance high. This flute comes with an attractive good quality sound.  

I’ve written a detailed review on Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri Size 19 inches with its complete specifications, why to choose Punam Flutes, and a few discount coupons for Punam Flutes. Here’s it, you can have a look at that article: Punam Flutes For Beginners

Special Features:

  • This flute is the best for beginners and professionals.
  • It is made of high quality.
  • Complex warm, sweet, and seamless tone.
  • Keynote or scale-C.
  • Good frequency.
  • Easy to learn to play.
  • Amazing sound over price.
  • Hard case included.
  • They are designed for high-level performance.
  • Size- 19.5 inches.

2. Sarfuddin Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand 19 Inches

Sarfuddin flutes C natural medium right hand 19 inches is one of the best flute manufacturers in India. It is known for its best quality, reliability, and status they possess.

The keynote of this flute is G natural. If you are looking for a flute for the best concert quality in India, this scale C natural medium 19 inches is ideal. Sarfuddin is highly tuned and possesses a great quality sound due to its scale C. Additionally, it is carefully designed to make a perfect combo of low frequency and unique complex tones.

This size is 19 inches in length and has 7 finger holes. It is an incredible product and gives you a warm seamless experience with a sweet sound that is very pleasant to listen to. You can get this flute with a 100% safe delivery guarantee at an affordable rate.

Special Features:

  • The size of this flute is 19 inches approx.
  • The 5 years old bamboo has been used to manufacture this flute.
  • It comes with an Indian C natural medium scale.
  • An ideal choice, especially for beginners.
  • Comes in a green thread combination along with a carry bag.
  • Affordable price with a concert quality bansuri/ flute.

3. Punam Flutes C Sharp Medium Right Hand Bansuri 18.5 inches 

The C natural flute by Punam flutes is considered the best for most beginners who seriously want to learn to play this instrument. Due to its shorter length, it provides hole spacing. The greater airflow of these fluids requires a higher note that helps build the lung capacity. It is an ideal choice for applying pop music and light folk music.

This flute has top build quality as they possess a sweet and melodious tone. It is immensely durable and comes with a suitable case for protection. 

Special Features:

  • High Durability.
  • Premium top quality.
  • Comes with a secure hard case.
  • Sweet, warm, and melodic tone.
  • Due to its natural scale, it is best for beginners.
  • Have an extra hole which makes it easy to play lower and higher notes.
  • Effortless blowing and easily washable.
  • Top C sharp medium size right-hand bamboo flute.
  • Indian scale black 1 (kali 1).
  • According to the western style, if all six holes are covered, this flute plays the G sharp note.

4. Radhe Flutes PVC Fiber C Natural Bansuri Middle Octave RIGHT HANDED (19 Inches) 

Radhe flutes PVC fiber C natural bansuri middle octave right-handed is specially modified compared to other flutes. It is built up of PVC fiber. The sound quality of this flute is very tuned, and it is as amazing as a bamboo flute that provides very great tunes. 

However,  the sound of this flute/ bansuri is on the huskier side, but it’s pretty pleasant. This flute is lightweight at about 299 grams and has a total of 7 holes, including one extra hole.

Special Features:

  • Easily washable and produces no effect from sunlight.
  • Have an extra hole that makes it easy to play lower and higher tones.
  • It comes with a yellow color finishing which gives a fantastic resemblance to the flute.
  • It comes with a flute manual that includes all the essential information like how to play scales, appropriate finger positioning, how to hold, care and maintenance, and so on.

5. Punam Flutes G Natural Base Right Hand Bansuri Size 26 Inches 

Punam flutes G natural base right-hand bansuri is the best choice for those who are pretty experienced and looking to venture into classical music. You can play the orchestra music. It is also best for quality studio recordings.

Generally, a natural base is a very effective way of reducing beautiful, effortless sound with high octaves. This flute’s amount of air flows produce different high notes, which is considered less than C-natural.

If you are looking forward to getting a Punam Flute, then you can even have a look at Punam Flutes Clearance Sale, where you can get a 40-50% discount on Flutes.

Special Features:

  • Premium quality with the high durability.
  • Easily achievable high notes with G-Base scale.
  • Comes with a hard secure case.
  • Good low-tone with a sweet, warm, and melodious tone.
  • G-natural bass bamboo flute.
  • Highly recommendable for beginners.
  • Suitable for classical and folk music.

Things To Consider

Things To Consider Before Getting A Flute

Build Quality

Not all flutes are made up of bamboo or other quality. They are colored with different appearances, which makes them feel like bamboo. Generally, flutes are made up of PVC fibers, PVC, and bamboo. PVC material is of good quality as it doesn’t have any seasonal effects.

Additionally, it doesn’t get damaged easily. We have always suggested our customers use top quality and long-lasting products. Therefore, we have recommended you to go with the bamboo-made flutes in India as they are long-lasting and consist of premium quality.


No doubt, flutes are available in many different sizes; you can determine size as per your requirements. However, size also determines the sound characteristics and the pitch; generally, longer flutes have rich, mellow, and warm sounds; on the other hand, smaller flutes have very sweet and a bit of squeaky sound.

Moreover, we always recommend beginners to start with the relatively small flute as it can be behold comfortably and relaxed. You can focus on the fingering technique and blowing with a small flute.

Flute Scale

Most of the music pieces are based on a scale, and practicing flute scales means practicing the pattern of notes. So, it becomes crucial to consider the appropriate flute scale to learn the right tone.

The variations of the scales also matter the most as they come in many different ways and prepare us for different leaps in our music. As a beginner, these scale variations could be slightly more in advance, so it is always better to concentrate on the learning of the brass scales. 

List Of Best Flute Brands In India For Beginners

List Of Best Flute Brands In India For Beginners
  1. HISCIN Bamboo Natural Flute

This natural bamboo flute is excellent for beginners. This flute is a premium quality flute available at a super affordable price. The manufacturing that had used reeds luxury threads to decorate this fantastic bamboo flute.

  1. Radhe Flutes PVC F Sharp Flute

Radhe Flutes PVC F sharp is made from PVC fiber, ensuring its protection, especially from extreme temperatures and humidity. This flute is quite durable as compared to the traditional bamboo flutes.

  1. Punam Flutes C Natural Right-Hand bansuri

The Punam flute C natural right hand Bansuri is recommended by many people, especially for beginners who actually want to learn to play the instrument. Additionally, this flute is generally a shorter length that provides an appropriate hole spacing.

  1. Punam Flutes G Natural Flute

Those who are pretty experienced in playing the Punam flute G natural flute is a better choice for them, even those looking to venture into Hindustani classical music. You can even play orchestral and folk music with this flute. It can also be used for quality studio recordings.

Which Scale Flute Is Best For Beginners?

There are different scales of flute that are concerning; however, the C medium scale is considered the best for beginners because the notes are not too high nor too low. Additionally, the amount of air required to play the flute is manageable for beginners.

If you want to learn to play any musical instrument, being a beginner, you must know about the kinds of scales that a particular instrument is played on. Likewise, with the flute, you should know the different scales before buying.

The major scale on which the flute is being played is happy-sounding scales, often constructed on the pattern of T tones and S semitones. In addition, a flute can be played on 12 major scales. Out of which, the simplest major scale is C major.

Further, C major is the common Indian flute scale that doesn’t require any sharp or flats in the key signature. Therefore, it is perfect for beginners to begin with. You can move further and even try to learn the flute at various ranges such as C scale middle, E scale, etc. Some people also recommend that beginners start with a G-scale flute.

The flutists may urge to keep the device’s tone balanced to the right frequency. It may help you hear the euphonious sound you expect while playing the Bansuri.


Which Flute Is Best For Beginners In India?

Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right Hand Bansuri 19 inches is one of India’s most rated flute brands. This flute was founded by Mr. Shubhash Thakur, who already worked as a senior flute instrumentalist. This flute consists of a pleasant natural sound. The 19 inches length and lightweight flute make it comfortable to hold.

Is It Easy To Learn Indian Flute?

Learning step by step level-1, it is straightforward for the beginner to learn the flute. There are multiple sections of learning Indian flute, but if you are totally a beginner, you must start using a smaller flute to learn each section efficiently.

Can You Learn Flute By Yourself?

Learning to play the flute by yourself is an achievable task. However, it became very challenging to cope with the previous experience that you must have with music, like your learning capabilities, the efforts you can put into it, and your age. Also, you should know all the flute fundamentals to learn to play the flute.

Which Is The Best Bamboo Flute For Beginners?

Sarfuddin Flute is one of the best bamboo flutes for beginners. It is also the top brand in India that sells multiple Indian flutes or bansuri. It is mainly built on Assam bamboo with excellent furnishing on the sides. This flute is 19 inches long and is perfectly tuned with C scale as its sound quality makes it best for beginners and intermediates. 

Final Words

We live in a surrounding where buying and selling have become a crucial part of our life, and it must happen at an appropriate rate; otherwise, we can suffer from the poor quality of the product. Most of the time, customers don’t spend their proper time researching the product, which results in regretting the quality.

So, it is very crucial to spend enough of your time while selecting anything, including musical instruments like the flute.

Above, we have discussed the best flute for beginners in India from where you can choose the best one as per your requirements. As you keep practicing to learn to play the flute, you can polish your skills by working on important notes.

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