Punam Flutes Clearance Sale (Heavy 40-50% Discount On Flutes)

Are you questioning when or the perfect time to purchase a flute? Well, Punam Flutes Clearance Sale is a whole deal to go for; they are offering up to 40-50% of discount on their few selected flutes.

Complete Details About Punam Flutes Clearance Sale

If you are a complete beginner or even a professional, these deals never demolish the amount you pay for the product, whereas the Pro’s can also keep an extra pair for practicing.

Are The Clearance Sale Flutes Good As The Brand New Ones? 

Punam Flutes are very well known for the quality they provide and is also well-known around the globe. 

All the products in the sale offer a 40-50% discount because either they are unsold or aren’t that new in looks and may have some patches, scratches, or natural marks on the bamboo.

Everything about these flutes is that they are more mature, as saying have spent more time in the forest and are more robust than the newer ones where they got exposed to sunlight and rain in an environment with high humidity.

The beginners can quickly get set off to learn it or just can keep an extra flute pair. These flutes are tuned in the same way as every other flute but might not have the best looks. 

Should You Buy It?

The original Punam flutes are more recommendable and will last long with even more good quality and better looks. 

Just to be more relevant in terms of saving Rs. 400-500 would not be a good idea if you are really into learning the instrument; that product should be perfect in each way; even though it’s on sale at a discounted price doesn’t always mean that it is just like the original and the new ones.  

If you are a beginner, you could go for a C scale Medium Flute or a G Scale Flute; these flutes are easy to play for beginners. You can even check out my recent article on Punam Flutes For Beginners.

But only if you are on a tight budget and are willing to buy the clearance sale flutes you can go to their official clearance sales page and get one. 

Furthermore, what’s more important, is learning the flute! 


As A Beginner, Which Flute Should I Buy?

As a complete beginner, you should go for a C Sale Medium Flute or a G Scale flute as they are easy to pick up with and play it at ease.

Are The Clearance Sale Flutes Good As The New Ones?

They are perfectly tuned and are the same as the new ones in terms of the sound, but they might have some natural patches and scratches on the bamboo due to being more in the forest for a long time, which are not the best in the looks.


If you are dicey and have been waiting for the Punam flutes clearance sale for a while, you should get one. It’s only a matter of learning the flute; the sale flutes were also new at a point and are perfectly fine in terms of tuning and sounding; only a few patches shouldn’t be an obstacle for your learning desire.

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