5 Best Harmoniums In India (2022)

The harmonium was invented in Europe in the early nineteenth century, and however, it is most closely associated with Indian music. The harmonium, also known as a reed organ (or pump organ), is a small keyboard device that generates sound by blowing air through reeds, similar to a church organ but less cumbersome.

When looking at your harmonium, you should know the instrument’s basic mechanics, including practical and purely aesthetic features.

The harmonium is perhaps the most well-known Indian instrument. But unfortunately, almost every other home has an old, rusted Harmonium passed down.

While the Harmonium is similar to a piano in its playing, the mechanisms are quite different. Unlike a piano, the Harmonium is essentially a wind instrument and a stringed musical instrument.

It is traditionally made from solid wood with adjustable bellows that pump air into the instrument to make a sound.

5 Best Harmoniums In India

Types Of Harmonium

Delhi Style

The Delhi harmonium is where most people begin, and it’s what you’ll see most people playing, from beginner to professional.

Design – These are lightweight, ideal for travel, and simple to maintain due to their basic construction.

Sound – This harmonium style is popular in Kirtan, but its dynamic organ tone is easily integrated into modern folk, alternative, ambiance, and other music.

Budget – Compared to other musical instruments, the best Delhi-style harmoniums are relatively inexpensive, and their low cost is due to their simplistic construction.

Kolkata Style

Kolkata harmoniums are fundamentally different from those made in Delhi in almost every possible manner. Not surprisingly, they differ in appearance, sound, and feel from their Delhi-style counterparts.

Design – These boxes are well-built, elaborately decorated, and precisely designed.

Sound – Instruments with three to four reed sets that play across a wide range of octaves produces a rich, gloomy tone. They’re found in Ghazal, Classical Indian, and other classic eastern musical traditions, but they’re also likely to integrate into Western music.

Budget – Given the complexity of the engineering and higher material and labor costs, the overall cost of these boxes is higher. A basic Kolkata-style harmonium will set you back at least USD 1200, and the excellent staff will set you back even more.

List Of 5 Best Harmoniums In India

1.) PAL MUSIC HOUSE Harmonium 440Hz Extra Height Long Sustain Sound Yoga Bhajan Kirtan Dj 

This Pal Music House Harmonium is an excellent choice for beginners on a limited budget. The body is made of locally produced wood and has a decent build quality. The varnished finish isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty sufficient for the price.

It has a 2-fold bellow, so it doesn’t sustain much, but it’s a good deal for the price. It has a decent amount of 3.25 octaves and 39 keys, making it ideal for voice practice. This instrument has two reeds with five stops each and two drones.

This Delhi-style Harmonium has no coupler or scale changer. In terms of tone, it’s a little too mid-boosted and lackluster in the bass department. It’s tuned to A=440Hz from the factory.

Special Feature

  •  A 440 pitch.
  • Double-fold bellow.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Total 39 keys and seven stops.
  • Two sides carry handles with a jaali frame on keys.
  • Keyboard cover with lock – verified at dispatch.
  • Made of high-grade wood.

2. Xoz 9 Stopper 42 Key 2 Reed 440 Tuned Total Wood Musical Instrument Harmonium (Brown) 

This portable harmonium, which folds into a suitcase shape and covers a cavity, is made exclusively of high-quality wood for maximum durability. Its cover is a wooden plane put over the keys and critical springs to keep dust from entering these places for better protection.

Special Features

  • 10.5 to 11 KG approx weight.
  • Well-Portable Harmonium.
  • Easy To Pump.
  • Tuning 440 Standard Pitch.

3. SG Musical Harmonium- 3 1/4 Octave, Double Bellow, 39 Keys,7 Stopper, 2 Reeds (Bass- Male), With Cover

In 1981 in Amritsar, SG Musical became a multinational firm interested in musical instrument enterprises (Punjab, India). The SG Musical are noted for their high quality and melodic tune.

The SG musical goal was to make music easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. They sell a wide range of Indian musical instruments, including sitars, harmoniums, disrupts, tanpuras, taus, rababs, sarods, and western instruments.

Special Features

  • Soundyoga Bhajankirtan Long Sustain.
  • Two carry handles along each side of a double fold bellow.
  • Bass+male two reeds jaali frame on keys finish lacquer.
  • 22 x 12 x 10 Inch Product Dimensions (L x B x H)
  • The photos represent the genuine product, though the hues in the picture and the object may differ slightly. 
  • The keyboard cover with lock is examined at the dispatched air fitting for extended maintenance and support.
  • 440 Standard Pitch Tuning Easy to Carry Made in India.

4. Xoz® 7 Stopper 39 Keys 2 Reed 440 tuned total wood Harmonium 

This Xoz Harmonium is ideal for people on a limited budget looking for a lightweight and portable instrument.

The build quality is good, even though the body is locally sourced wood. 

It features a two-bellow fold, the same as most cheap Harmoniums. Unfortunately, this implies that the sustain is poor and that the bellowing hand must work harder.

It has a decent range of 3.25 octaves, with 39 keys. There are seven stoppers in all, which is sufficient for beginners.

There is no scale changer or coupler. However, the tone of this Harmonium is pleasant.

Special Features

  • Folding and Portable Harmonium.
  • Tuning 440 Standard Pitch.
  • Easy To Pump.
  • Weight: 10.5 to 11 KG approx. 

5. PAL MUSIC HOUSE® Wooden Portable Folding 3.5 Octave 9 Stopper Harmonium with Coupler 

Pal Music House offers some more premium offerings in this segment. It is made of locally sourced wood and has high durability, and it is also lightweight and portable. The overall quality is excellent.

It has a 5-fold bellow, so it has a tremendous sustain. It also includes a 42-key range with a 3.5-octave range. In addition, this instrument comes with two sets of “Bali reeds” and nine stoppers.

A coupler is included in this Harmonium. It consists of a carrying bag. The instrument has been tuned to perfection.

Special Features

  • A440 Hz pitch tuning.
  • It includes two sets of reeds, one male and one bass, for a whole tone.
  • For more extended durability, air leaks are checked, ideal for beginners and professionals.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Multi-fold bellow with nine stoppers (5 stops + 4 drones), coupler, 42 keys, and carry bag.

Best Harmonium Brands In India

Best Harmonium Brands In India

Pal Music House

Pal Music House specializes in Delhi-style Harmoniums, with the needs of a beginner in mind. However, they also produce some high-end Harmoniums aimed at intermediate and advanced players and performers. Their instruments can also be purchased through e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Hemen & Co.

Hemen & Co. was the first choice for top-quality sarods from Ali Akbar Khan through Amjad Ali Khan because of their total durability, simple classical design, and high professional standard. Hemen Chandra Sen founded the company in Calcutta in 1946 and ran it till his death in 2010.

Hemen was a key to the development of the sarod in the current Mahair style. In addition, Hemen has built a solid global reputation as a manufacturer of one-of-a-kind sarods throughout the years.

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Harmonium Production House

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Harmonium Production firm creates the highest quality custom-made harmoniums. They specialize in Harmoniums from Kolkata.

German Jubilate reeds are used in their Harmoniums, renowned for their high quality and tone but are extremely difficult to come by. Backplates and jaalis with custom designs are also available.

Sur O Baani

Sur O Baani specializes in Harmoniums and is situated in Kolkata, India. They’ve been in the industry for several decades. Sur O Baani takes great pleasure in its handcrafted harmoniums from Kolkata, aimed at both performers and beginners.

Xoz By Sandhu Musicals

Xoz Harmoniums are affordable, high-quality instruments for beginners. Only Delhi Style Harmoniums are suitable for Kirtans and Bhajans. The Harmoniums are built from locally available wood, and these can be found on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Harmoniums In India

Build Quality

Teak and other hardwoods add to the instrument’s weight, and Pinewood is less dense and lasts a long time.

The bellows’ quality is also highly significant. They’re comprised of cardboard and have a leather covering. The tone and sustain are directly affected when low-cost materials build the bellows.


Do you know, that the harmonium adjusted to the key of A=440? If you don’t, you may have problems playing fixed-pitch instruments in the future.

Enjoy your technique but expect some compatibility difficulties with other players if you prefer a harmonium tuned to A=432 to vibe with solfeggio frequencies selected among sound healers. (We like A=440 in our Heart of Sound training in person and online because they’re more common and adaptable.)


The Indian Harmonium’s most significant advantage over the Reed Organ is its portability. An excellent Harmonium should be small in size and made of light materials.

Due to their lighter build and smaller size, Delhi-style Harmoniums are more portable than Kolkata-style. In addition, expandable versions can be easily transported in a suitcase.

Tone & Range

Harmoniums are available in different ranges, stretching from 2 1/2 octaves to 6 octaves, with the average being approximately 3. However, most beginning musicians should be able to work within two and a half octaves.

Bellow Size/Number

The air is blown into the harmonium by a bellow. There’s an inner bellow that pumps air up to sound the reeds. Two-fold, three-fold, or seven-fold roars are possible. At the base, two and three-fold bellows are connected. To allow left and right-hand pumping, seven-fold bellows can be attached.

The number of folds does not entirely determine the instrument’s nature. For example, the most expensive harmoniums have seven-fold bellows. Some believe that the bellow takes more control into effect, and spring in a few bellows pushes them open once you’ve pumped them in.


The sustain of a harmonium is vital to determine. This refers to how long the harmonium could hold the air pressure. An excellent harmonium has no air leaks and maintains the air well. This will produce a more precise sound when you pump and a longer sustains when you stop pumping, enabling the harmonium to sound for more. A defective harmonium will lose air and responds to your pumping relatively slowly. When you stop pumping, the sound will be produced more poorly, and the harmonium will play for a significantly shorter time.


The Harmonium has technology similar to Drones called a coupler, and the only difference is that it creates a note that is exactly one octave above the key being pushed when it is engaged. As a result, each note produces an octave higher drone sound when more than one key is pressed simultaneously. 


The time needed for the harmonium to create a note (sound) when the player presses a reed is used to evaluate its responsiveness.

High-quality Harmoniums are incredibly responsive, producing a note immediately after a key is tapped. However, some problems that can impede response include leaks in the bellows folds, inadequate air-chamber design, etc.


Every harmonium contains two, three, or four air chambers, depending on the number of reed banks. Each air chamber divides a reed bank. These reed banks are usually arranged in different voices or tonal, so when you play one note, you’ll hear two voices on a two bank and three on a three bank. The number of voices will serve as the key a chord above (or below, depending on the coupler system) is depressed due to the coupler system.

Brass reeds generate a louder and deeper sound. They are well-known for bhajans and kirtans, and the brass sound helps these voices to be heard.

Copper reeds are used in more costly harmoniums for classical performances to generate a softer, warmer sound.

Scale Changer

This function is specific to Kolkata harmoniums. It allows you to change the key you’re playing in without altering your chords structure or note patterns. 

The mindless drones are little handles in front. When they’re pulled out, they play a set note wander. Most harmoniums come with drones that are the dark keys on the keyboard (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, or any unique combination thereof).

How Much Are Harmoniums In India?

The Harmoniums in India start from INR 5000 and go over INR 20,000. It also depends on the quality and the features that the harmonium brand offers.

You can quickly identify everyday pricing by researching a few various stores; if a particular shop charges a lot more or a lot less, you know you should be attentive.

When importing an instrument from another country, consider the additional VAT and customs taxes. You can discover further about your country’s customs costs by searching online. Even though the seller often has a lot of knowledge and may offer advice, it’s always good to double-check online.

Best Harmonium Reeds In India?

Harmonium Reeds are available from the company, made from high-quality woods and metal. Harmonium Reeds are an integral part of the harmonium, producing clear and distinct tones. Unfortunately, since the closure of reed production units in Germany, most harmonium players solely use Palitana reeds.” However, a well-known playback and ghazal singer, Hariharan, claims he prefers Palitana reeds because of their tone quality and tuning consistency.


Which Brand Harmonium Is Best?

1. PAL MUSIC HOUSE Harmonium 440Hz
2. Bhava Classic Kirtan Harmonium-Indian Instrument.
3. Harmonium Pro Grade By Kaayna Musicals.
4. Bhava Mini Kirtan Harmonium-Indian Instrument.
5. Portable Harmonium, Maharaja Musicals.

Which Is The Best Quality Harmonium In India?

Finest Quality Harmonium is folding Harmonium by Maharaja Musicals. This harmonium, which is handcrafted and sent from India, has all of the attributes we’re looking for in a quality instrument that would be great for beginners. It is a portable folding harmonium with a harmonium book and cushion gig bag.

What Harmonium Does Krishna Das Use?

The world’s most popular harmonium model, as performed by Krishna Das. DMS also produces its version, the 24A. The Bina 23b is lightweight and easy to transport. With a 3 1/4 octave keyboard made of Kail wood. Fixed scale with four stops and two drones, Bass/Male reed banks Coupler, and top-fold bellows included. 

Final Words

Although Harmoniums are less influenced by temperature and humidity variations in comparison to Pianos, it must be remembered that they are composed of wood.

As a result, keeping it in a cool, dry place is critical, as high heat and moisture might compromise the instrument’s tuning stability and shorten its lifespan.

It’s also a good idea to check the tuning with a different instrument or a smartphone tuner app from time to time. However, any attempts at self-tuning in the instrument should be avoided unless you are confident in your abilities.

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