5 Best Violin For Beginners In India (2022)

If you love to play the violin and are curious about which one you should go with, then we are here to help you as we bring a detailed guide about the best violin for beginners in India. So, don’t forget to read the whole article to avoid missing any information about the violin.

Out of lots of musical instruments, the violin is one of the most lovable instruments throughout the world. The sweet notes of this musical instrument create an unmatchable sense of belongingness. This instrument is traditionally used to play classical music as its charm and brilliant quality can never go out of culture.

Here, we came up with the best violin for beginners in India that produces a good sound, so if you want to learn to play this classical musical instrument, then you should go with a qualified teacher who can assist you in teaching every essential detail about the violin.

Best Violin For Beginners In India

Violin For The Beginners – A Long-Term Investment

Suppose you are very passionate about learning to play the violin, so you must buy a well-played violin. Secondly, you need guidance from a professional teacher who can teach you to play the violin efficiently.

Furthermore, if you are buying a violin, especially for long-term use, you must ensure that you pick the best quality and price for yourself. Additionally, in India, you may find the cost of this instrument is a little higher; however, if you pay a higher amount, you don’t need to worry about its quality as it is worth paying a considerable amount. Consequently, a high-quality violin is also available at a lesser cost, especially for beginners.

A violin for beginners comes with a good starter, and these are not very complicated to play as it is beneficial for beginners to grasp some notes quickly. Usually, this violin includes some plastic components such as a chinrest and turning pages.

Best Violin Brands For Beginners In India

Best Violin Brands For Beginners In India

Undoubtedly, the violin is the most delicate instrument that gives a classy feel to the music. So, to ensure that you will get the best violin per your preferences, we have curated a list of the top violin brands in India so that it becomes easier for you to choose the best one for yourself.


Mendini is another brand that offers the best violins for beginners, and it is also best for the intermediate who wants to learn to play these instruments. The violin comes at a low price, with much durability. However, you have to replace the strings after a specific time. 

Further, Mendini produces the two most reputable models such as MV 300 and MV 200. For beginners, the MV 500 model is the most popular and slightly more expensive than other models. However, it produces an excellent sound as it is constructed from a piece of Maple wood.

Additionally, this model comes with brazilwood bows and a tuner with a metronome. This brand’s fingerboard and pegs are also made of maple; even the MV 200 is handcrafted with maple and spruce.

This model includes a lightweight case with a Brazilwood bow, rosins, tuner, shoulder rest, and two bridges. Consequently, the MV300 has similar specifications; however, the fingerboard is stained to give the appearance of ebony. The sound quality of this brand is not the best, but yes, it is pretty decent enough for the price.


Cecilio is another violin brand in various models, such as CVN 200, CVN 500, CVN 600, and CVN 700. This instrument comes with a strong bridge, so beginners don’t find it difficult to assemble it independently; this brand uses good quality wood, mainly spruce and maple. 

Further, Cecilio also has some electric violins, even some white violins as well. They all are very reliable instruments. However, each model has different characteristics, like the CVN 300, the most famous violin model for beginners. It is constructed using spruce and maple, the fitting of the fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and even the chinrest are all made from excellent quality ebony. It also comes with the four adjusters on the tailpiece, which are usually detachable and very nicely plated in nickel.


Yamaha is one of the best electric violin brands; it is famous for its prestigious bikes and produces many fantastic quality violins. According to Yamaha, whether you are performing a solo or within an orchestra, the violin plays a crucial role along with several other musical instruments. So, on that basis, they have embarked on a journey of some of the most exquisite regular and electric violins. 

Consequently, Yamaha has been incorporating excellent craftsmanship in its violin, making it one of India’s best violin brands. The violin produced by Yamaha is very durable and can handle everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore, they come up with attractive casings, smooth chin rests, and possess designs that make instruments look amazing. These violins are usually made by the traditional method and thus perfected by craftsmanship.

So if you want a modern violin, the electric violin Yamaha offers will be the ideal choice as they also come up with extended warranties with an excellent design and overall great experience. This brand is very perfectionist for both beginners as well as professionals.

PAL Music House

Pal Music House is another best violin brand in India that also comes up with affordable violins made from high-quality wood. Generally, the price of a Pal music house violin is lower than that of ordinary violins.

Further, the Pal Music House brand is mainly known for selling high-quality harmoniums and violins. Along with this, they also use Dafli, an Indian instrument.

Unlike other brands, they didn’t produce many instruments as they only focused on a few. That is why they offer the best class instruments even though they also sell them on various online platforms.

Pal Music house offers the best violin that is the ideal choice for beginners as it includes all the basic requirements which excellently fit the needs of the beginner. This violin comes at a simple and very affordable price; they are not made from any fancy wood and thus do not even have a Bow which usually has some specific type of hair.

However, the bow is included mainly to avoid hand fatigue. The violin comes with a triangle case with chin rests and a tailpiece.

Kadence Violin

Another best violin maker in India is the Kadence brand. These violins have been recommended for children or beginners as they are suitable for basic training. Anyone can quickly learn amazing melody tunes on a violin created by Kadence.

Kadence is one of the best brands that make the best violin in India. This violence is highly recommended for children or beginners. It has a very extreme affordability rate, and they are perfect for basic training. You can also learn about the tuning and melody of the violin.

The violin made by the Kadence usually has excellent glossy finishing, giving the violin a classy look. This brand uses a nice stiff spruce top in its violins that incorporates the use of Pinewood and maple in them.

Additionally, this violin is lightweight and usually has fundamental tuning. The bow is made with average-quality wood and uses horsehair to play the violin.

All these violins have good reviews from their customers and are thus considered to produce an enjoyable sound, so if you are looking to buy from a cheap violin brand, you should go with this violin.


The Arctic brand also produces one of the best violins for beginners; it is easily visible on online platforms like Amazon and even sells its violin at lower prices. The arctic brand is based in China and is imported to India. This violin comes lightweight and can play some of the most melodic tunes.

The Arctic brand produces a highly graded Pinewood and Maple wood violin. The Pinewood is used on the top of the violin and gives it fantastic tuning, while the maple is used on the sides and back, thus enhancing the violin’s sound quality.

Furthermore, the violin that the Arctic brand makes is incorporated with the use of an ebony fingerboard for smooth and rhythmic playing. They also provide each bow rosin so the player won’t feel any fatigue after using it.

Compared to other brands mentioned, the arctic violin is Moderately priced and thus comes in the middle range. This brand also provides a hard foam-equipped case with grooves to securely store the violin rosins and bow.


Stentor is also the best violin brand in India, providing the most high-quality violin. This brand manufactures the violin to be perfect from beginner to expert level.

The stentor 1500 violin model is the ideal choice for beginners who want to learn to play the violin. The brand offers half and full sizes, which adults and children can use. 

Due to this reason, this brand is one of the best violin brands for beginners; however, most people misconception that it is best for beginners, then it has low quality, which is ideally not correct.

Most of the violin produced by the stentor brand is made up of Maple wood that is designed excellently to give it a classy look. Its design shows excellent craftsmanship. The plan decided to make the violin based on its efficiency and generating the perfect musical tone when played.

The violin comes with an outfit or case, with grooves that can be used to place the violin and bow. The bow is made up of horsehair to play the right tone more precisely.

5 Best Violin For Beginners In India

1. ARCTIC AR-PVK-01 Neo Violin Kit – Violin 4/4 with the case, bow & Rosin 

Arctic Apex violin kit is one of the most solid violin kits; this is a perfect option for beginners and the intermediate-level violin. In terms of sound quality, it is an ideal choice.

Special Features

  • It comes with superior bow construction that assists in reducing hand fatigue.
  • 4/4 full-size violin
  • Weight- 2.63 Kg
  • Comes with a solid maple back & sides.
  • Pinewood top with excellent natural finishing
  • Ebony fingerboard that ensures a smooth rhythmic playing

2. Kadence Vivaldi Violin VIV101 Solid Spruce Top, Maple Back (V101G) 

The Kadence Vivaldi has a super exceptional tone and sound. This violin comes with a hard protective case and is easy to carry, and it also requires a setup of IMP before playing.

Furthermore, the Kadence Vivaldi 4/4 violin is usually made by the brand Kadence. This violin is highly recommended for beginners as it is one of the outstanding violins. This violin comes with a hard case bow with a digital tuner and rosin. Consequently, this violin has superb bow construction capable of producing an exceptional tone while playing.

Special Features

  • Fingerboards and pegs are usually made of ebony.
  • The wood quality is excellent.
  • A bow is made with horsehair
  • This violin has a fantastic antique varnish finishing
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with a proper hard case
  • Quality maple body

3. Mendini 4/4 Mv300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin With Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, And Extra Strings 

Mendini 4/4 Mv300 Solid wood satin antique violin is also available in ¾ size. A bow, a shoulder rest, rosin, a bridge, and a Deluxe oblong hard case are also included with any violin size. This violin’s pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, and chin rest are made from ebony. One thing that makes it different from others is that it consists of a hygrometer that is usually measured as much humidity. In addition, you will also get a 1-year guarantee which ensures all its safety.

Special Features

  • Comes with Bow, rosin, and shoulder rest.
  • 1-year guarantee
  • A bow is made from Mongolian Horsehair.
  • It comes with a case hydrometer that helps to measure the humidity
  • Solid wood Satin antique violin

4. Juarez Legnò Full Size 4/4 Violin Kit, JRV100NT with Bow, Rosin, Fretboard Sticker, Mute, Bridge, Oblong Case, Natural 

This violin has a very smooth and rhythmic tone. The fingerboard of this violin is usually made of black wood, and it can produce harmonious notes. It also consists of an elegant bow design; the redwood bow is integral to producing music. It is constructed with high-quality materials to have a good sound without straining your hands.  

Special Features

  • Provide a rhythmic playing experience
  • It comes with an elegant bow design
  • Has a two F-shaped holes
  • Includes all essential violin accessories
  • Constructed with high-quality material 
  • Best choice for beginners.

5. The Violin Store Intermediate New 4/4 Violin 

This violin is ideal for those looking to learn something better than beginners. This model is usually crafted for beginners and intermediates to meet every aspect of their expectations with its pegs, ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, and chinrest. This violin has superior quality and a beautiful sensational response with a pleasingly bright and warm tone.

Special Features

  • This violin comes with solid wood and is a highly carved interior to make it a lightweight comfort.
  • It comes with a superior violin bow construction that reduces hand fatigue.
  • Has original Mongolian horsehair.
  • Come with a triangle violin case with a velvet cover.
  • Includes all superior quality accessories
  • The Sish in front and dark stripes on the back give it a fantastic antique look.

What Is The Violin Price In India For Beginners?

A violin for beginners is known as a starter violin, and it comes up with an advanced and expensive version as well, which usually makes the usage of lower quality wood. The violin price in India ranges between Rs. 7,341 to Rs 45,000.

Things To Consider


When you are looking to buy the best violin for beginners, you will get the complete violin package with the bow, patience, and rosin. Usually, the equipment you get is pretty cheap, and you are well enough to play a basic set, but when you need to improve your skills while learning to play it, you will require a new bow. 

A bow assists you in playing loud and fast sounds; it also needs to have a particular sort of stability that the bow includes in the violin. Additionally, you also need to understand that you should never tighten the bow too much as it can disturb its sound quality. You must know that you must loosen it every time you play it.


Another important thing that you should consider while buying the best violin is the strings, whether branded or not. If the strings are not high quality, you should change them into new ones because a string is a crucial part of the violin as it makes a difference. You can either put on the latest strings or buy a new instrument.


The rosins come with an affordable violin, which is also crucial to consider, and if it looks dry and does not have any stickiness, you should buy another one. 

Despite this, ensure that you don’t touch the horsehair bow because the grace on your fingers may stick, making it quite tricky for the rosin to work. 

Consequently, the same thing can happen by touching the violin strings between the bridge and the fingerboard. So, it should be avoided entirely.

Which One To Choose, Electric Vs. Acoustic Violin?

A violin is categorized under two categories that are electric violin and acoustic violin. Let’s understand both deeply.

Electric Violin

Generally, the electric violins generate an electronic signal quality that leads to a sound that could be a little enhanced and tweaked. Usually, the electric violin’s sound frequency is higher than the traditional ones, so they are reserved for rock and jazz music. 

Additionally, the electric wire comes with an easy-to-install plug-and-play capability, making it a favorable option for all musicians to create present high-quality music.

Electric violins usually have different shapes than acoustic violins, and they come up with a lightweight, model-quality look. They may be pretty expensive as compared to the former. Still, as a beginner, if you want to learn to play this instrument, then you should go for the acoustic violin as it will assist you in learning to play violin from a very basic; once you can learn the violin efficiently, then you can buy an assisted electric violin as well.

Acoustic Violin

The acoustic violin is a traditional version of a violin that stretches four wings from the tuning pegs to the tailpiece and then falls over a bridge made of maple wood. This is why the acoustic violin is responsible for producing a good quality euphonic sound. This violin also assists in transferring the vibration to the soundboard.

Consequently, the sound quality produced by this violin is warm and very pleasant. As you start playing this instrument, you will hear some natural notes of the tone-woods. This instrument comes in a traditional shape and is usually the preferred choice to play folk and classical music.


How Much Is A Good Violin For Beginners?

Well, the price range and the quality of the violin are fantastic. Still, suppose you want the best quality violin at the lowest possible price. In that case, it starts at about $600, at $ 1,500 for the university-level violin and several thousand dollars for a professional-level violin.

Is Violin Good For A Beginner?

The violin is a great musical instrument with a good value for money. It has a great tune, and the bow is ok, especially for beginners. It comes up with a high-quality case that gives your violin good protection as it is rugged and water-resistant. 

Which One Is The Best Violin Under 5,000 In India?

The best violin under 5,000 in India is Arctic Apex Violin Kit -Solid wood Violin 4/4 with the case, bow & rosin.
Another one is the Arctic Neo Violin Kit – Violin 4/4 with the case, bow & rosin. …

How Can I Teach Myself Violin?

You can teach yourself to learn to play the violin by,
By keeping both your hands active from the beginning.
Gradually, a violin hold will feel some sort of unnatural to a beginner.
Left-hand pizzicato assists naturally in introducing an excellent left-hand position…..
Now, the teacher introduces the bow….

Is Violin Harder Than Guitar?

The musical player stated that the guitar is quite an easy instrument to learn compared to the violin, as the violin takes more practice and time to get performance-level learning. A violin is more problematic as it lacks frets and some playing techniques.

Is It Hard To Learn Violin?

Violin is a complicated musical instrument to learn. Some beginners play this instrument perfectly with just 2 to 3 years of practicing. However, most of them take much longer to become master players in violin.

Can I Learn Violin In 6 Months?

Usually, a violin is said to be one of the most challenging musical instruments to play. Still, if an individual has an excellent dedication to playing it with all pure heart and determination, they can learn it very soon. However, the cramping and playing of this instrument can be known within six months if one can continue/practice for 1 hour daily.

Is Violin Better Than Piano?

The violin has a different variety of tones. However, it is limited to the piano. On the violin, there are certain chords to play as we often do with the guitar, while the piano doesn’t have the same consequences as it has an enormous depth of sound, and even its tonal span is much larger.

Final Words

We hope you have found this helpful information as we provide a clear idea about the best violin for beginners. Howeverwever, we have mentioned some of the brands which are the most promising violin brands in India, and they are known to have been selling their products with good quality and great enthusiasm in the markets.

Some of the leading violins brands in India, like PAL music house, SG musical, Yamaha, Cremona, Mendini by Cecilio, and the Arctic, are the best-in-class violins, which provide a range from high to low that can be segregated between beginners,  intermediate, or professionals.

You can find the one that best fulfills all your demands. Ensure your best investment with your budget, and enjoy learning to play it. However, the practice requires daily time and energy, and it will eventually take time to become a master player. Meanwhile, you need to have patience.

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