What Instrument Does Charles Leclerc Play?

Charles Marc Herve` Percevel Leclerc is his full name. He was born on 16 October 1997 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. A 24-year-old Mon`egasque racer is now racing in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari. He joined Ferrari in 2019 and has been in contact with them for 5 years.

What Instrument Does Charles Leclerc Play?

Ferrari’s star racer Charles Leclerc loves playing the piano. The 24-year-old loves playing the piano not just for the sake of it but is genuinely really good at it, Charles loves sharing his life, and we can see him playing the instrument in some of his photos and videos on his social media handles. 

In an interview, Leclerc recently shared his love of playing the piano; he said:

“I love playing the piano. Here I can completely switch off and no longer think about racing, and I enjoy that very much. I play the piano more in my bad times than in good times (laughs).”


Playing the piano helps him forget about everything else, even F1. 

How Many Instruments Can Charles Leclerc Play?

Charles says in an interview: “I enjoy making music on my piano and guitar mostly, and I want to learn many more instruments” he adds that “I pick up music pretty quickly and I love it, it relaxes me,” “I have been playing the piano when I was 6 years old and started learning the guitar when I was 15 or maybe 16.” 


Saxophones and drums are the following instruments on his list that he wants to learn. He also confesses that he has also made quite a bit of music in the past few years, and unfortunately, it’s not for the public; he likes it to be private.  

Is Charles Leclerc Right-Handed?

Yes, Charles Leclerc is a right-handed F-1 driver.

Does Charles Leclerc Have A GF?

Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend is Charlotte Sine; She too loves sharing her life on Instagram. She has over 480K followers fans enjoy a glance into their precious life, and she posts photos with Charles, the Ferrari driver. Charlotte Sins has been in the hot headlines every time the couple is dappled out publicly. 

Why Is Charles Leclerc So Famous?

In 2019, Charles became the youngest driver to win the Pole Trophy and was the first Monegasque driver to win the F-1 Grand Prix; It was also his debut Formula One win at the Belgian Grand Prix. 

How Much Does Leclerc Get Paid?

Charles’s five-year deal with Ferrari will end in 2025; the contract paid him $3.5 million in 2019-20. Reportedly the contract paid Leclerc $15 million in the first year and $12 million in both this year and last year. 

Who Does Charles Leclerc Model For?

Charles Leclerc is the newest face for Giorgio Armani. Leclerc has been the model for Giorgio Armani since 2020, soon after his success in his career with his brilliant debut in Belgium, and has been uninterrupted and has peacefully won many titles throughout his career.

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I hope you know who Charles Leclerc is, his interest in music, race, fashion, and his love life. And are satisfied with the answers to the above questions.

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