What Instrument Does Kenny G Play? (Explained)

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is Kenny G’s full name. On June 5, 1956, he was born in Seattle, Washington. His 1986 album Duotones, which was released, helped him achieve commercial success. Kenny G has become one of the all-time best-selling recorded and live performers.

Most people, especially those in the musical community, have probably heard of Kenny G. 

It might look different from certain people’s saxophone in their thoughts. So what instrument does Kenny G play specifically? That is something that we will evaluate. 

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

Kenny G. uses the Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. In addition to this, he plays the alto and tenor saxes. As a result of his success as a saxophonist in recordings and live performances, he developed and launched his brand of saxophones, known as Kenny G Saxophones.

Few people are aware that Kenny G continues to play the saxophone he first learned to play in high school. In an interview, he acknowledged using his high school saxophone in his recordings and lived performances. Kenny further said that he continues to utilize this instrument during daily practice sessions, which last about three hours.

Kenny G plays the alto, tenor, bari, and bass saxes in addition to the soprano sax. In an interview, Kenny G disclosed that his soprano saxophone is the instrument he played in high school. He acknowledged that he had played that saxophone exclusively for recorded tracks and live performances.

He plays his high school sax every day during his three-hour practices. Kenny G also claimed that he would use anything immediately if he believed it superior to what he had been using. According to him, better is a relative term in music.

What Is A Saxophone?

The saxophone is one of the most popular musical instruments. What does the saxophone mean in practice? What is the saxophone technique?


You must first master the correct body, mouth, and hand positions before learning how to play the saxophone. The introductory notes, such as B, A, G, F, E, and D, must then be understood. The primary and minor scales can then be learned, including G, A, B, C, and D.

Either you or a professional saxophone tutor can learn how to play. However, with the numerous online tools available, learning independently isn’t too harsh.

Where Are Kenny G Saxophones Made?

The saxophones of the Kenny G line are made in Taiwan, China. However, we suggest you inquire about the proper manufacturing place from the sellers. To be confident you are receiving the real Kenny G sax, you know.

What Type Of Sax Does Kenny G Play?

Kenny G. uses a Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. Even his brand of saxophones, Kenny G Saxophones, is his own.

Kenny G claimed in an interview that he played the saxophone on all tracks. He continued by saying that he had played this saxophone in all his shows. 

Kenny G mentioned in an interview that his soprano saxophone is the one he used in high school. He acknowledged that the saxophone was used for every song he had recorded and every performance.

In his daily, three-hour practices, he plays his high school saxophone. 

How Long Can Kenny G Hold A Note For?

For the record, Femi Kuti extended his note to 46 minutes and 38 seconds, whereas Kenny G only held it for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

Kenny uses a circular breathing method, which enables him to simultaneously draw air in via his nose and expel it through his mouth to blow into the saxophone constantly for a long time.

He continued by saying that he hoped to give his world-record accomplishment a philanthropic touch. To raise money for music education in schools, he intends to ask companies to provide money for each minute he can hold the note.

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play In Songbird?

Kenny G is a saxophonist. In addition, he is a master of the guitar, and his skill has earned him many accolades. Although his smooth jazz style is the most well-known, he is also skilled in other musical genres like classical and pops. The most beautiful songs of Kenny G, who has more than 20 albums to his credit, are “Songbird,” “Forever in Love,” and “The Moment.” He has sold over 75 million albums globally and received Grammy awards for his achievements.

From Kenny G’s Duotones, “Songbird” was only an album clip, but he loved the song and wanted to get it out there. His record company, Arista Records, decided to include vocalists on the Kenny G tracks they issued as singles because they didn’t think a jazzy instrumental would be very popular. “What Does It Take (To Win Your Love),” his debut single from the Duotones, was a rendition of a Junior Walker & the All-Stars song from 1969 featuring tenor sax from Kenny and vocals from Ellis Hall. On October 9, 1986, Arista secured Kenny a position on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show, a significant change. But, of course, there wasn’t time for him to play “What Does It Take” or, if there was still time, “Songbird.”

Does Kenny G Play The Clarinet?

It appears to be a clarinet, although it is a large model. But it’s a soprano saxophone. Kenny G’s primary instrument is that. But like many others, he also plays alto and tenor saxophones. Additionally, there are bass and baritone saxophones.

Interestingly, he revealed some details in a conversation. For example, the saxophone Kenny G plays and has played in all his performances is the same one he had in high school.

Does Kenny G Play Sax Or Clarinet?

In reality, Kenny G plays a variety of saxophones. Most tenor and alto saxes have the typical curvature you would expect a saxophone to have. However, a saxophone, known as a soprano saxophone, helped Kenny G become well-known in the 1980s and 1990s. The fingering for a soprano is straight, but it is the same as that for the larger alto, tenor, and even larger baritone.

What Is The Difference Between A Clarinet And A Soprano Saxophone?

The soprano saxophone and the clarinet appear similar, although they are fundamentally different instruments. The clarinet is cylindrical to start and essentially a straight cylinder; however, occasionally, it bulges somewhat near the center. However, the soprano saxophone is a cone that gets wider with time.

Conical saxophones include the alto, tenor, and all others. The first saxophone was created as a conical tube with a three-degree taper by its creator, Adolphe Sax.

“Taper” denotes the angle of the graduation of the taper and, specifically with musical instruments, implies getting gradually thinner toward one end. It could be simpler to visualize if you consider an umbrella that is just partially open, for instance. Tone and pitch will vary greatly depending on the taper.

The saxophone may make a remarkably evocative sound of the human voice since it is tapered rather than cylindrical. In addition, it can communicate various emotions, making it perfect for use as a solo instrument.

Which Is Harder, Clarinet Or Saxophone?

Due to its more complex finger techniques, sensitive embouchure, and the requirement to cover holes rather than push keys, the clarinet is typically thought to be more challenging to master than the saxophone. The clarinet is more sensitive and calls for greater control. Jazz saxophone playing, however, calls for even more complex methods.

Both instruments have unique qualities that make them easier or challenging to play, though clarinet may be generally harder. Saxophonists and clarinetists strive diligently to enhance the quality of their tone consistently. As was already said, playing the clarinet demands a solid embouchure without biting, a delicate ability to master. A looser, rounder embouchure is necessary for the saxophone and requires control to maintain the saxophone embouchure without shifting or biting. The tongue and mouth breathing placement are additional factors in creating a lovely tone quality.


Does Kenny G Play The Flute?

No! Kenny G performs on soprano sax.

Does Kenny G Play The Oboe?

Kenny G doesn’t play the oboe, though. He is a saxophonist.

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play In Forever In Love?

Kenny G performed “forever in love” on the saxophone.

Last Words

Most people, especially those in the musical community, have probably heard of Kenny G. And if you play the saxophone, that will shrink to a minimal number. But is he using a saxophone?

It might not look like the saxophone that some people have in mind. What instrument Kenny G plays? We will investigate that. Kenny G’s musical approach is ideal for this kind of sax because of its reputation for having a mellow and pleasant sound.

Before learning the saxophone, Kenny G was an accomplished golfer. But after just twenty years, the amount of time he spent with each of his two loves became equal. As a result, he eventually had to put his musical career first when it began to take off.

He soon realized that he had musical and athletic talent after taking up the sport. As evidence, Kenny G was named first among all active professional musicians by Golf Digest.

Saxes used by Kenny G is produced in Taiwan. Unfortunately, imitation Kenny G saxophones are made and sold by Chinese businesses without Kenny G’s consent. To ensure they obtain the genuine article and not a copy, he urges customers to ask merchants whether the saxophones are made in Taiwan or mainland China.

Successful artists in any industry frequently have a branded version of their style. For example, a range of saxophones builds just for Kenny G. Undoubtedly; there will be copies of something like this in circulation. Check to be sure it is original if you are considering buying one.

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